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Chapter 1665: This Kind of Reaction Is Actually Even More Scary

“Are you Zhuolings friend” Lin Liye asked.

Shen Nuo was clutching her forehead at the back.

These two, they were going even more overboard now than back then when Old Mrs.

Han dragged her along to see Lu Man.

At least back then, when she and Old Mrs.

Han first saw Lu Man, they even put up an act for a while and did not ask questions so straightforwardly.

When asked that by Lin Liye, Shi Xiaoya had a feeling that something felt weird.

Usually, in such a situation, the subconscious move would be to ask if she was Lu Mans friend, right

When asked if she was Han Zhuolings friend, Shi Xiaoya thought about it.

Both of them had had two meals together before, after all, and her home still had two of Han Zhuolings ties.

Although Han Zhuoling did not say it, both of them could be considered friends.

It wont be considered as her… own imagination, right

Shi Xiaoya subconsciously turned to look at Han Zhuoling.

Han Zhuoling did not give her any hint.

He wanted to see how she would reply.

When Old Mrs.

Han and Lin Liye saw that, they were utterly excited.

There was definitely something going on!

Shi Xiaoyas act of subconsciously turning to ask for Han Zhuolings opinion—why did that look so sweet!

If this was a normal relationship, this would not happen!

Most importantly, Han Zhuoling actually did not deny it!

He did not cut off any ties with her either!

With the interaction between them, it did not seem like there was nothing going on at all.

Shi Xiaoya nodded very hesitantly.

“Yeah… I guess”

Old Mrs.

Han said, “Aiyo! Yes means yes, no means no.

Why are you even asking a question”

Shi Xiaoya could only bite her tongue and say, “Yes.”

“Aiyo, this is too rare!” Old Mrs.

Han very affectionately held Shi Xiaoyas hand directly, pulling her closer towards her.

“Its rare that our Zhuoling even learned how to find a girlfriend!”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

Old Madam, did you forget to use the correct word

Female friend[1]. Its female friend, not girlfriend!

“How long have both of you known each other” Lin Liye asked excitedly.

“…” Shi Xiaoya found it increasingly weird, but she still answered honestly.

“The first time we met, its probably at the Fei Yue International Film Festival.

Its that time when Lu Man won an award.”

“Wah, youve both known each other for quite some time then,” Old Mrs.

Han said, exchanging glances with Lin Liye gleefully.

But in actual fact, both of them felt like Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling really had not known each other for long.

They were just afraid that if they said that, Shi Xiaoya might misunderstand that they did not like her.

The mother- and daughter-in-law had chemistry.

Even if Old Mrs.

Han said that, both of them could still tell the real thoughts of the other party from their eyes.

Within such a short time, Han Zhuoling could already fall in love with this person.

This was definitely true love!

It was plain to see that Shi Xiaoya was already feeling very uneasy, especially because Old Mrs.

Han and Lin Liye were too affectionate.

The people from the Han Family knew exactly where this affection came from, but to Shi Xiaoya, it was just very strange.

Though it was the first time she was meeting the two elders in front of her, they just smiled at her all the way and refused to let go of her, as if they were eyeing her like she was some rare thing.

Most importantly, they stopped speaking!

Old Mrs.

Han and Lin Liye just stared at Shi Xiaoya happily, smiling as they stared at her, and their smile never once faltered.

But aside from smiling, they did not say anything else.

Both of them had a very simple thought.

Han Zhuoling finally managed to fall in love with a lady, and the two of them were worried that they would scare her.

But they never thought before that… this kind of reaction was even more scary!

Shi Xiaoya could also tell that perhaps the two elders might have been mistaken about something.

She had a faint guess but felt that it was quite unlikely.

This guess was something she did not even dare to think about.

Even just guessing about it required a lot of courage.

[1] Adding one Chinese character changes the meaning from “girl” to the gender, “female”

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