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Chapter 1676: Even Felt Like Laughing Thinking About It

Lu Man smiled and divulged, “And its all thanks to Director Deng Xu this time.

The reason our scene was so successful and got the approval of the four judges was because of him.”

“The sequence is a segment from Director Dengs new film in cinemas now, After Sunset,” Lu Man explained.

Xu Jiashan exclaimed, “You guys were actually directed by Director Deng! No wonder you all were excellent! No wonder…”

Xu Jiashan wanted to laugh.

“Thats true, such a perfect control and arrangement cannot be achieved by anyone, and there are only a few local directors who can do it.”

Robert immediately chimed in, “By Director Deng Xu, do you mean the one who just received the Golden Film Award”

“Thats right.” Lu Man nodded.

“My gosh! I really like this director, his shows are amazing.

He could always bring out the different sides of the actors!” Robert gushed.

The emcee seized the chance.

“Director Dengs now sitting among the guests.”

“Director Deng, could you come onstage and speak a few words” the emcee asked.

Deng Xu rose; the audience didnt expect to see this great director here.

There were many famous directors within the country, but the one who was most acclaimed and who won the most awards internationally was Deng Xu.

Deng Xu clapped his hands together and bowed towards the audience before shaking hands with the four judges.

Robert and Hayer both expressed their respect for Deng Xu shortly but delightedly.

After Deng Xu went onstage, the emcee said surprisedly, “Frankly, I believe everyone here, including me, didnt expect the National Film Academy to actually invite Director Deng! Its too lavish!”

Inviting Deng Xu over to direct a short 20-minute stageplay was too extravagant!

Below the stage, Principal Zhang felt his face burning.

Needless to say, this had to be the work of Han Zhuoli and Lu Man.

Lu Man being a student of the National Film Academy was tantamount to letting the academy have a huge advantage!

It wasnt like the National Drama Academy didnt approach any of the famous directors—there were more than enough of them who graduated from the National Drama Academy.

But everyone was busy, their schedules tightly packed.

Who knew the National Film Academy would not only manage to find one but would also even successfully invite Deng Xu over!

Whats more, Deng Xu graduated from an overseas school before coming back to develop his career; he had no links whatsoever with the National Drama Academy.

There was no reason for Principal Zhang to kick a fuss.

The directors from Donghua Academy of Drama and Donghua Film Academy did not possess this complicated relationship like Principal Zhang did.

Since the National Drama Academy themselves had pushed Lu Man away in anger while Donghua Academy of Drama and Donghua Film Academy didnt, they even felt like laughing thinking about it.

Now, the more glory the National Film Academy had, the more it highlighted how foolish Principal Zhang was then.

“Old Liu, how mean you are, inviting Deng Xu without saying a thing to us,” Donghua Film Academys principal said.

Principal Liu laughed.

“No matter what, were still competitors.

This is a competition, so obviously I cant reveal it.”

“Actually, we couldnt have done anything even if youd told us,” Donghua Academy of Dramas principal replied.

“We cant invite directors like Deng Xu.

Not to mention people of his grade, we cant even get those mildly famous ones.

Theyre busy making money, whod care about such a trivial thing like this”

Principal Liu didnt bother hiding the fact that it was thanks to Lu Man.

“Sigh! You think we managed to invite him using our own means After deciding to engage a famous director, I dialed a whole bunch of numbers that night, and none of them agreed.

I didnt even bother to call Director Deng.”

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