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Chapter 1719: A Whole New World

Qin Zigou led them in.

So Shi Xiaoyas work studio had another door in it.

Walking through this door led to Qin Zigous work studio.

“Because its fashion design, when customers come to try out their clothes, there needs to be some privacy.

It can also make the guests feel more at ease.

So when we were designing this work studio initially, my portion was set on the inner side, so that it would be more private.

So even if Xiaoyas clients came, we wont disturb each other,” Qin Zigou explained.

After entering the door, they felt like theyd walked into a whole new world.

It was different from the hustle and bustle outside.

Qin Zigous studio became very quiet.

The main color of the interior was a white background, which made everything look clean and bright.

It was not known how many employees there were, but based on the ones whom they saw now, there were only three people who especially came over to receive them.

The other studio employees were probably in another concealed office, lest there were too many people in the same room and made it distracting for the guests.

One person led Han Zhuoli and Lu Man to sit down on the sofa, and the other two immediately brought six cups of fruit tea, three cups for each person.


Han, Mrs.

Han, these three cups are fruit teas with three different flavors.

From left to right, the sweetness increases.

The two of you can have a taste, and let us know which one you like.

We will serve it to the both of you.” That young attendant lady had an appropriate, polite smile on her face.

The person who led them to be seated earlier on brought a dessert tower over.

Each layer had exquisite dessert placed on it.

From the flower and fruit teas to the desserts, they were all very suitable for female tastes, but males would not really like them.

Han Zhuoli took a sip and did not touch it anymore.

Hence, someone brought him some coffee and tea, for him to take his pick.

Lu Man thought that it was probably because it was mostly females who had requirements for their clothing design.

Mens suits were all of a similar kind, and just like Han Zhuoli, they would especially go to professional suit designers to get a tailor-made one.

He would even especially fly over to England every year to go to that famous street and look for a tailor to make his suit.

That shop did not entertain new customers, unless old customers recommended them to go there.

They only served a small number of people.

And most of Qin Zigous customers were females.

Hence, the moment they came in, from the clothes that they saw to the service and desserts, these were all very suited for the romantic vibes that girls liked.

Not long after, Qin Zigou came out and said to them, “The wedding dress is already prepared.

Lu Man, you can go in to try it out.

The fitting room is inside.

There will be an assistant to help you.”

Han Zhuoli had provided Qin Zigou with Lu Mans measurements.

“Let me know which part is not comfortable, I will make the adjustments,” Qin Zigou said.

Lu Man then stood up and was led to the fitting room inside by the employees.

Although it was a fitting room, considering how many evening gowns were not easy to wear and needed quite a huge space, the fitting room was very big as well, just like a small living room.

There were a sofa, table, and chair.

And the three walls were all covered by full-length mirrors.

The moment they walked in, they would be able to see themselves from different angles from whichever spot they were standing at.

The two assistants carried the wedding dress in, with one walking in front and one walking at the back.

The room was brightly lit, but Lu Man could not tell what was novel about the dress yet.

She simply felt that this wedding dress was really the kind that she liked.

With the help of the assistants, she put on the wedding dress.

It did not come with a thick and heavy support structure.

The dress was in its most natural form, cascading down softly and smoothly, covering her feet in its entirety.

A few layers of light muslin adorned the outer layer of the dress and made the dress look spread out and expanded as it flowed around.

The tail end of her dress extended quite long outwards and had the same translucent white muslin adorneding it.

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