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Chapter 1723: Do You Know Where They Went

She did not expect that Qin Zigou would really be able to design one like that.

Han Zhuoli smiled widely as well.

Luckily, hed looked for Qin Zigou.

Luckily, Qin Zigou designed such a special wedding dress.

Although the materials were quite expensive, why would it matter

Only then could this be worthy for Lu Man.

The assistants turned on the lights and opened the curtains.

With the light turned on, this wedding dress looked back to normal again, and one could not see the previous glamor of it now.

Lu Man could already imagine how awestruck the guests would be on her wedding day.

“Thank you,” Lu Man said it to Han Zhuoli first.

To thank him for putting in so much thought and secretly preparing such a special wedding dress for her.

Then, she turned to Qin Zigou to thank him.

“Thank you, for designing such a wonderful wedding dress for me.

I never expected that it could turn out to be so beautiful.”

Lu Man felt so touched that she was about to cry.

She finally realized why so many girls would cry the moment when they put on their wedding dress.

Qin Zigou smiled and said, “Thats also because Brother Han has no lack of money! He didnt even set a budget for me and let me do whatever I wanted to do, all so that I can unleash my imagination fully and turn it into reality.

If it was someone else, I wouldnt dare to be so unrestrained.”

“Really, thank you so much,” Lu Man said.

“I really didnt expect that… a wedding dress could be like this.

At first I thought that I would just like the style of the wedding dress a lot.

But now, this really exceeded my expectations way too much.”

Qin Zigou was very happy too.

Nothing could make him happier than knowing that his own design received so much acknowledgment from others.

After seeing how precious this wedding dress was, when Lu Man returned to the changing room to change out, she became even more careful with it.

In the end, she changed out of the wedding dress and placed it properly into a huge box.

Han Zhuoli then took the box and left with Lu Man.

On the way back, Han Zhuoli was driving.

Lu Man felt bored, so she would turn to look at the scenery outside the car from time to time.

Suddenly, Lu Mans gazed was fixed on something.

She saw that by the roadside, Lu Qi and He Zhengbai walked into a wedding dress shop.

It was quite a huge one, and quite a famous one as well.

Lu Man remembered that it also custom-made dresses, but it was just not comparable to Qin Zigous level.

She did not expect that Lu Qi and He Zhengbai were also getting married.

Lu Qi took leave from school, and He Zhengbai was no longer in school as well.

Hence, she had really not heard anything about them for quite a while.

More accurately, it should be said that Lu Man had never heard from He Zhengbai and the Lu Family ever.

It could be said that she had actually forgotten about these two families.

If she did not see them walking into a wedding dress shop now, Lu Man would totally have forgotten that the two of them existed.

She had so many things on her plate now and there were many other things she had to oversee as well, so why would she have the time to dig up news about the Lu Familys situation

But thinking about it, she had been the one who had been forced back then to leave school to be Lu Qis assistant.

But now, it was actually Lu Qis turn to take leave from school.

“What are you staring at” Han Zhuoli noticed that Lu Man was staring outside, and her gaze seemed to be following something.

“I saw Lu Qi and He Zhengbai just now,” Lu Man explained.

“I actually forgot about the two of them.

They havent appeared in school for quite some time as well, so when I saw them just now, I was quite shocked.”

Lu Man said secretively, “Do you know where they went”

“How would I know” Han Zhuoli laughed.

“Dont tell me, they went to a hotel”

He would not suspect that Lu Man still had feelings for He Zhengbai.

He and Lu Mans relationship had already reached this stage by now.

Leaving aside the fact that they were already married, even before their marriage, both of them only had each other in mind and would not leave each others side or fall in love with someone else.

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