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Chapter 1735: What Do You Think

Han Zhuoling smiled at his phone screen.

He kind of wanted to know what Shi Xiaoya was thinking at this moment.

“What do you think” he replied.

Shi Xiaoya subconsciously bit on her lower lip.

“Your work will get delayed because of me.

I feel really bad about it.”

After Shi Xiaoya sent that message, she realized something in shock.

Was Han Zhuoling saying that to him, she was more important than his work

Shi Xiaoyas heart skipped a beat, as if her heart was on a roller coaster ride at this moment.

Her hands became slack slightly, and her phone slipped down onto the table.

She cupped her heated cheeks and kept staring at the words on the screen.

What do you think

What… what could she think

“If not for you, I would come back on Friday,” Han Zhuoling wrote.

“But I also dont think that coming back one day later with you counts as delaying my work.”

Han Zhuoling did not say that even his participation in the filming for the third episode was also because of her.

Because of her, he had long since broken too many of his own principles.

Shi Xiaoya stared at that reply and did not even know what to say anymore.

She was afraid that she was thinking too much, afraid that she would misunderstand.

But she clearly was already letting her thoughts wander elsewhere, yet she did not dare to really ask out loud about it.

In the end, as if possessed, she messaged him and said, “Young Master Ling, you already have two ties in my house.”

Han Zhuoling: “…”

He said all these and this was all she had to say

Han Zhuoling laughed in exasperation.

This girl!

“As we have to set off on Friday, I want to use the time these next two days to settle my work on Friday.

I will be working overtime these two days, so I wont be able to go over to take them,” Han Zhuoling said.

No matter how dense Shi Xiaoya was, she too knew that Han Zhuoling treated her differently.

Its true she had not seen his usual attitude towards other women.

But judging from Han Zhuolings personality, she really could not imagine him being so pleasant and considerate towards other women.

He might not even have a smile for them.

Shi Xiaoya did not do as she did before and mindlessly suggest that she send the ties over to him personally.

She secretly thought to herself that maybe she could even use the ties as an excuse to see him a few more times.

Also, she felt that having two of his ties around in her home right now was not too bad either.

Every time she opened her drawer to take out her accessories, she would be able to see his two ties placed beside her accessories.

There was an indescribable intimacy to that.

Shi Xiaoya would not say it, but every morning when she took out her accessories, she would blush a little when she saw those two ties.

Han Zhuoling still did not know about all these thoughts that Shi Xiaoya had in her mind.

He was afraid that Shi Xiaoya would say something like her going over to give him back the ties.

So he quickly typed a message.

“I will go and fetch you at 9 AM on Friday.”

“Okay.” Shi Xiaoya did not intend to take the initiative to return them to him either, so she did not find it too strange that Han Zhuoling suddenly changed the topic.

Both of them ended their conversation and Shi Xiaoya continued editing her video.

Today was Wednesday, so they would be setting off the day after tomorrow.

It was not only Han Zhuoling whos going to be busy these next two days; even Shi Xiaoya would be busy as she had to settle beforehand the work that needed to be done when she would not be around.

Hence, she stayed in the work studio to work overtime and did not have the time to think about her relationship with Han Zhuoling.

This lasted until Friday morning, when Shi Xiaoya woke up at 7 AM.

Speaking of it, she and Han Zhuoling had not met again ever since the friendly exchange competition the previous time around.

Although that was only a few days ago, Shi Xiaoya felt that it had been such a long time.

Although they contacted each other over WeChat during those few days, the feeling was not the same.

Thinking of how they were going to meet again today, Shi Xiaoya woke up by herself before the alarm rang, which was a rare occurrence.

Once she washed up, thinking of the long journey ahead, she only used concealer to cover up the dark eye circles under her eyes that came about from staying up overnight.

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