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Chapter 1748: Actually Almost Snuggled in His Arms

“You really like snow” Han Zhuoling suddenly asked when he saw the photo of her stepping on the snow.

“Hmm, yeah.

I think its fun to play with,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“Its not like the rain where we need to open our umbrellas.

When the snow falls on our hair or shoulders, they stay intact, so it looks really nice.

I like it when its snowing and the ground is already covered in snow, so when I step on it its very soft and fluffy, which makes it really fun to play with.”

“Previously when I went to Man City, the snow was really big there.

It was very thick, just that it was really too cold, so we could not stay outside for long,” Shi Xiaoya said regretfully.

“I was wearing a beanie and a pair of earmuffs, along with extra-thick gloves.

My down jacket was also the kind that reached my ankles, as if I wrapped myself in a blanket.

My movements were not very convenient to begin with, so I felt really clumsy.

Even then I felt so cold that I was trembling, so I was not in the mood to play with the snow anymore.”

“That which is rare is dear, so they say.

There isnt a lot of snow in B City, so I felt extremely happy the next time it came,” Shi Xiaoya said as she smiled.

The roads from Ning City to the county was actually not very smooth.

That county was very close to the fortress, and it was one of the places that tourists had to pass by.

Even so, the highways were starting to be repaired and were not opened yet.

They could only take the provincial roads and sometimes pass through villages.

Some road sections were very bumpy.

Shi Xiaoya was knocked from left to right and did not feel good leaning on Han Zhuoling, so she tried her best to lean against the car window.

So her shoulder was constantly being smacked against the window from the bumpy paths.

Luckily, she was wearing thick layers since it was wintertime, so it did not hurt that much.

But constantly hitting the window did not feel comfortable either.

When Shi Xiaoya was about to hit the window again, she did not feel the pain she expected on her shoulder.

Instead, her shoulder bumped into something warm.

She turned and realized that Han Zhuoling had unknowingly put his hand over, shielding her against the window.

Hence, when she was about to knock into it, her shoulder happened to hit right into Han Zhuolings palm and was warmly secured by his hold.

Right after that, Han Zhuolings voice drifted into her ears, “Why do you keep knocking against the window”

Shi Xiaoya thought to herself, “Isnt it because I didnt want to knock into you”

At this moment, after passing a speed bump, there was a sudden bump, and Shi Xiaoya almost jumped up from her seat.

Luckily, her shoulder was firmly secured by Han Zhuolings hold, so Shi Xiaoya was fine.

However, she noticed that unknowingly, she became almost snuggled in his arms.

After the bump passed and they moved onto normal roads once again, Han Zhuoling then let go of Shi Xiaoya and said, “Are you okay”

Shi Xiaoya nodded.

She suddenly felt very warm and really wanted to take off her coat.

After Han Zhuoling let go of her, he secretly felt his palm with his fingers for a while.

The feeling of holding her shoulder did not go away for a long while.

Finally, they arrived at the hotel in the county.

Although the county was not very prosperous, there were quite a few hotels there.

It was a place where people had to pass by to go to the fortress, so there were quite a few high-end hotels there.

The hotel that the production team booked this time around was a five-star hotel, which did not look bad.

When they got off the car, Tong Chunian took down all their luggage and had the bellboy come over to take them.

Walking into the main lobby of the hotel, they found that the production crew had especially sent staff down to wait there and welcome every guest that just arrived.

After walking further into the main lobby, they saw a table set up by the production crew.

There was even a sign on the table that read “Survivor Production Crew.”

Seeing Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya, the staff immediately came to welcome them.

“Young Master Ling, Xiaoya.” Shi Xiaoya looked and saw that the staff that came to welcome them was Yu Zhenzhen, a crew member with whom she was quite familiar.

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