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Chapter 1751: Definitely Did It On Purpose

“Whats wrong Didnt you want to come here and eat” Han Zhuoling asked.

“Im afraid you wont be used to it,” Shi Xiaoya said.

She pointed to her own eyebrows and said, “Look at how youre frowning.”

“Its fine.” Han Zhuoling relaxed his eyebrows and said, “I was worried that you would be bumped into by other people and unconsciously frowned out of anxiousness.

It has nothing to do with the environment here.”

Han Zhuoling laughed.

“Im not so dainty.”

The word “dainty” would probably never apply to Han Zhuoling in his lifetime.

“What do you want to eat, have you thought of it” Han Zhuoling asked her again.

Shi Xiaoya glanced at the stores on both sides and suddenly smelled a waft of barbecued fragrance.

She then saw that at the entrance of a particular store, the meat skewers on the charcoal stove were all skewered in long fruitwood sticks.

Shi Xiaoya had read the description before.

That was how authentic lamb skewers were made.

Beside the lamb skewers, there were also a few big, round cookies that were being grilled as well.

“Lets go to that one,” Shi Xiaoya immediately said.

Han Zhuoling paused for a while before nodding.


Shi Xiaoya turned back and was about to tell Tong Chunian and Guo Yujie, yet who knew where those two went to.

They actually just disappeared.

It was within the blink of an eye.

Han Zhuoling saw that as well and said, “There are so many people here.

Maybe they got separated from us.

Lets send them a message on WeChat to let them know.

We can go into the shop to wait first.”

They could only do that for now.

Shi Xiaoya then went into the shop with Han Zhuoling.

While waiting for the service staff to pass the menu to them, Shi Xiaoya had already sent a WeChat message to Guo Yujie and said, “Where did you and Tong Chunian go”

She had reason to suspect that these two might have purposely disappeared to deliberately leave some time for her and Han Zhuoling to spend time alone together.

Indeed, she instantly received Guo Yujies reply.

“We couldnt find the two of you just now.

There are too many people, so we decided to just find a random shop to eat in.

You guys can go ahead, dont mind us.”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

Guo Yujie definitely did it on purpose.

“Yujie is with Assistant Tong right now.

She said they got separated from us so they just went to some random shop to eat and told us not to mind them,” Shi Xiaoya said awkwardly.

Han Zhuoling was so smart.

If it was something she could think of, how could he not be able to tell

Yet she watched as Han Zhuoling nonchalantly placed the menu in front of her and said, “See what youd like to eat.

Ill have the same as you.”

While Shi Xiaoya was ordering the food, Han Zhuoling used the time to open WeChat and send a message to Tong Chunian.

After Guo Yujie was done replying, she told Tong Chunian, who was sitting directly opposite her, “Ill be fine, but will you be okay if you just ditch your boss just like that”

“Its fine.” Tong Chunian was not bothered at all.

“Young Master Ling will be happy about it, and who knows, he might even send me a red packet as a bonus.”

Right after he said that, the notification tone on his phone rang out.

Tong Chunian opened it and looked.


What the f*ck.

Han Zhuoling really sent him a red packet bonus.

The e-red packet even had a note that said, “Not bad.”

Tong Chunian quickly accepted the transfer excitedly and immediately replied, “Thank you, Boss! Of all the best Bosses, you are the best!”

Han Zhuoling: “…”

When Han Zhuoling put down his phone, Shi Xiaoya let him have a look at the dishes she had just ordered and said, “These are the dishes I ordered.

See if theres any that you dont like to eat or if theres anything else you want to order.”

“Just these will do, theyre pretty good.” Han Zhuoling smiled.

“Our tastes are quite similar.”

Shi Xiaoya ordered fruitwood lamb skewers, scones, dry pulled noodles, and lamb stew with vegetables.

The lamb meat did not have much of a smell, and when grilled with fruitwood skewers, it also carried a hint of the fruitwood taste, which was very different from what she usually ate in B City.

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