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Chapter 1766: Youre Not That Kind of Person

Guo Yujie hid under the covers and said in a weak voice, “Xiaoya, why dont you go out and have a chat with Young Master Ling I want to sleep.”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

What kind of assistant is this

Han Zhuolings lips curved a little.

This assist was quite awesome.

Shi Xiaoya could only take out the card from the card-holder behind the door, or else she would still have to trouble Guo Yujie to help her open the door later.

In the end, she came out, but Han Zhuoling did not make space for her.

Shi Xiaoyas back was pressed tightly against the door.

Even like that, her body was about to bump against Han Zhuolings chest already.

“Young… Young Master Ling…” Shi Xiaoya said nervously, not even daring to breathe.

“Were you quite happy watching just now” Han Zhuoling stared at her with a sarcastic smile on his face.

Despite seeing that there was a woman who came to find him, she was actually in the mood to watch the show from the side

This heartless girl!

“No… No…” Shi Xiaoya said guiltily.

“I was just curious…”

“Curious about what Curious if I will let her in” Han Zhuoling asked with his eyebrow raised.

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

“Speaking of that, the others probably also heard the noise.

They are just worried that it might be awkward later on so nobody came out.

Why did you just open the door Arent you afraid that Jiang Yuhan will see you and it might affect your work later on” Han Zhuoling asked her.

“My relationship with her is not good to begin with.” Shi Xiaoya thought of how Jiang Yuhan actually even came out of her own initiative to want to sleep with Han Zhuoling, so she was in no good temper at the mention of Jiang Yuhan.

“Previously, I already said it to her face—I wont take on work with her, so whether she sees me or not, it doesnt matter.”

“Both of you had had a conflict before” Han Zhuoling asked with a frown.

“Its nothing much,” Shi Xiaoya said simply.

“She just has a bad temper that makes her like to find trouble for nothing, and I didnt bother to play along with her.”

“So, why did you open the door to peek” Han Zhuoling lowered his head, slowly getting closer.

“Is it because of your conflict in the past Was that why you opened the door to look, or was it because of something else”

Shi Xiaoya twitched her lips.

Of course its because of him.

That past unhappy episode did not even mean anything to her.

She did not even recall it when she opened the door.

Han Zhuoling stared at her reaction and asked again, “If I had asked her to come in just now, what would you have done”

What would I have done

Of course Ill sever all ties with him, no longer contact him, and not even be friends with him!

Since she liked him, if she saw him with someone else then continued to be friends with him, it would only be torture for herself.

“You wont.” Shi Xiaoya suddenly lifted her head up and looked straight into Han Zhuolings eyes.

Just now when she was nervous, she did not dare to look at him at all.

Yet now, because of his question, she regained confidence.

To prove that she was speaking the truth, she stared straight at him.

“I know you wont.

Youre not that kind of person,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“If you wanted to, there would be tons of female celebrities coming to look for you, but there hasnt been a single one of them.”

Actually, the reason why she would open the door to watch the show without even thinking was really because she trusted him.

She knew deep down that he would not let Jiang Yuhan go in.

He was not the kind of person who treated relationships between men and women frivolously.

He was upright, decent, dignified, and self-disciplined.

It was precisely because she was sure about this deep down that she could come and peek without feeling any pressure at all.

If shed felt even a little bit uncertain in her heart, she would not even have dared to look.

She would be afraid that the result would be one she could not bear, so she might as well be like an ostrich and hide from it.

“How do you know I never even accepted one before” Han Zhuoling chuckled.

“You didnt even know me back then.”

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