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Chapter 1801: As If the First Place in My Heart Had Changed

“Wh-Why” Shi Xiaoya stared at him nervously, not daring to even blink.

She then saw Han Zhuolings lips curve into a slight smirk.

“What do you think”

“This concerns the second problem.” Han Zhuoling lifted his hand, placing his palm against the door, trapping Shi Xiaoya completely in his arms.

“You told your brother just now that you have nothing to do with me”

Shi Xiaoya gasped in shock.

“You actually heard that”

Then how bad must the soundproofing of this room be!

Shi Xiaoya quickly covered her mouth.

Then wont their current conversation be heard by other people too

Han Zhuoling took her hand down.

What was she blocking her pretty lips for

“You said you have nothing to do with me” Han Zhuoling asked again.

Thats the truth!

She could feel that he treated her differently.

But he had never actually said anything specifically about it.

She had her suspicions previously, but she was afraid to confirm it, afraid that she had been thinking too much on her own.

But after their interactions for the whole day today, no matter how anxious Shi Xiaoya was, she also had the confidence to be sure of Han Zhuolings intentions.

But even if she was confident enough deep down, if Han Zhuoling did not say it specifically, she could not possibly just tell Shi Nancang, “Yeah, Han Zhuoling and I are together.”

How strange would that be

“Im not the kind who will casually treat someone nicely, much less someone from the opposite sex,” Han Zhuoling said.

“Many people say I am a workaholic.

They are right, I am.

But in my view, putting all my time into the work that I like is very fulfilling, and it makes my time and existence very meaningful.”

“But because of you, I suddenly felt that working like crazy as I did in the past has become meaningless.

I can no longer focus as much as I did at work, because I will think of you.”

“If I made you angry, I will want to make it up to you.

If you ignore me, I will feel uncomfortable all over.”

“You…” Shi Xiaoyas face was alarmingly red.

She never expected that Han Zhuoling would suddenly say all these things to her.

She was totally unprepared for this.

Han Zhuoling did not give her a chance to speak, but actually, Shi Xiaoya had not thought of what to say either.

She only heard Han Zhuoling continue saying, “I will put aside my job to come and film for the show just because of you.”

Seeing how shocked Shi Xiaoya looked, Han Zhuoling smirked again and said, “Or else, why do you think Im so free as to come and film for the variety show I went to film for the first episode to help boost the popularity of Survivor.

After that time, it doesnt actually matter whether I come or not.

The production team also wont dare to ask me to come.

If I hadnt proposed it on my own accord, who would dare to ask me to come”

Shi Xiaoyas heart started racing.

Han Zhuoling said, “After I met you, work to me is no longer that important.

Its as if the one holding the first place in my heart has changed.”

Changed to her.

Even if he did not say it out, Shi Xiaoya knew what he meant.

He clearly did not say out the most important part, but Shi Xiaoya still felt that this was the most touching thing she had ever heard.

Han Zhuoling gave a low chuckle.

“I have never been so interested in the opposite sex before—never thought that there would come a day when I would be so attentive towards a girl, thinking of everything for her.

When I see you eating fish, I will want to remove the fish bones for you first.

When I see you eating crabs or prawns, I will want to help you shell them first.

I cant bear to see you stain your hands.”

“I will worry whether you had fallen in love with someone else, or if theres someone else chasing you.

My decision to come to film for the show this time was also because I felt a sense of danger.

I cant put my heart at ease if I just leave you here,” Han Zhuoling said.

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