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Chapter 1822: Act Out My Elimination for You

Shi Xiaoya also asked a similar question about this.

“If the clue isnt here, then where should we go now” Shi Xiaoya asked.

Walking around without a goal and direction was really too tiring.

“Were going to the wine shop,” Han Zhuoling said.

“Why are we going there”

“In that shop just now, besides wooden products, there were also wine jars around,” Han Zhuoling said.

“Im guessing, its probably a hint that this successor of Lu Ban likes to drink.

If hes not in the shop now, then we can only go to the tavern to look around.”

Indeed, they saw Lu Bans successor in the tavern.

They received the clue from Lu Bans successor.

They were just about to leave, yet Shi Xiaoya suddenly got hit by something.

Right after that, a streak of green appeared on her body.

From the loudspeaker, a voice announced, “Shi Xiaoya is poisoned.


Shi Xiaoya was stunned.

She totally did not expect it.

She could only tell Han Zhuoling “all the best” regretfully.

Zhang Xiangyou then came out with the poison gun and said, “I wanted to hit Young Master Ling, but alas, I missed.”

A pity, the poison gun could only be used once.

“Wait.” Han Zhuoling took out that pocket watch.

He just turned the clock hands to the time around 15 minutes ago.

Coincidentally, this was right before Zhang Xiangyou found the poison gun.

“Han Zhuoling used the time turner item.

Time successfully turns back,” the production team announced.

Hence, the poisoned gunshot was nullified.

Zhang Xiangyou had also been sent back to the location where he was 15 minutes ago.

The others then knew, they had still been tricked by Han Zhuoling just now!

But Han Zhuoling actually used such an important, critical item that could decide the victory on Shi Xiaoya.

“Why did you use it for me” Shi Xiaoya said anxiously.

“I wasnt hoping to win either.

Its fine if I just get eliminated.

What a waste that you used this on me.”

“I just subconsciously used it when I saw that you got disqualified,” Han Zhuoling said.

“If you are not beside me, I wont be in the mood to continue playing.”

Everybody: “…”


Young Master Ling, when you sweet-talk young ladies, you really have a slew of tricks lined up under your sleeve.

“Anyway, I already used this item,” Han Zhuoling said.

“As for winning or losing the competition today, I am really not interested.

This ancient city looks pretty good, why dont we just go and walk around”

Although they did not get eliminated, Han Zhuoling had decided not to continue participating in the game now.

“…” The director quickly said, “Young Master Ling, this doesnt fit the rules.”

“Why doesnt it fit If I dont participate in the competition, I can just let the other guests eliminate me,” Han Zhuoling said.

Director: “…”

Then why did you use the item just now

“I just cant stand seeing Xiaoya being eliminated by the others in front of me,” Han Zhuoling said self-righteously.

Director: “…”

Whatever Han Zhuoling wanted to do, they really could not control him.

Hence, they could only follow Han Zhuoling and watch as he brought Shi Xiaoya to walk around the ancient city.

At first, the other guests still did not dare to be reassured and thought it was Han Zhuolings strategy.

To purposely make them lower their guard carelessly, before eliminating them one by one.

So they all went to look.

Who knew, Han Zhuoling was really using the show to go on a date.

He brought Shi Xiaoya to walk around the whole of the ancient city.

From the accessories shops to the local traditional costumes shops, then to the snacks shops, they enjoyed themselves thoroughly and completely disregarded the filming for the show.

“Young Master Ling, if you do this, it puts us in a very difficult position.

How are we supposed to air the show like this” the director said urgently.

“How about I act out my elimination for you” Han Zhuoling suggested.

Director: “…”

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