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Chapter 1834: Older Brother, What Do You Think

Dong Qingxing smiled and said, “This became a family dinner, haha! Then it wont be convenient if we stay, so well take our leave first.”

“No worries,” Han Zhuoling said.

“You guys are my elder brother-in-laws friends.

If you guys leave because I came, this would not be good.

And its dinner time.

If I let you guys leave on an empty stomach, I will feel bad.”

After Han Zhuoling said that, he turned to look at Shi Nancang.

“Big Brother, what do you think”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

Shi Nancang: “…”

Everybody: “…”

Shi Nancang was younger than Han Zhuoling, alright!

Han Zhuoling actually called Shi Nancang Big Brother!

It was a pity Han Zhuoli and Han Zhuofeng were not here.

If they heard their own Big Brother call someone else Big Brother, could they stand it

Even though Shi Nancang was shocked that Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya were together— even if he felt a little upset that Shi Xiaoya obviously kept it from him—he did not dare to acknowledge this label from Han Zhuoling either.

Who the heck would dare to!

Even Shi Xiaoya could not help but pinch his hand to make him behave a little more normally.

Chen Sibin also said, “I think better not.

If Young Master Ling is willing to do the honors, then we can gather together again next time.

Today is the first time you and Xiaoya are meeting Nancang with this status.

It wont be appropriate for us to be around.

There are many words that Nancang probably would not feel comfortable saying in front of us as well.

We will just take our leave for now.”

Zhong Litao also pulled Shen Shian to get up.

Things had already come to this.

Shen Shian knew that he was a step too late in the end.

Besides feeling sad, he did not have any other thoughts.

“Yeah, we will get going first,” Zhong Litao said.

“My apologies.

I made you guys come all the way here today and yet you all have to leave just like that,” Shi Nancang also said, feeling embarrassed.

But just like what Chen Sibin had said, he did have many things that he wanted to say to Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling alone.

“We cant let you guys leave on an empty stomach,” Han Zhuoling said.

He called the manager over again.

“Young Master Ling.” The manager hurried over as quickly as he could and walked right over to Han Zhuolings side.

“Open my room and let these men go in.

Their meals and expenses will be on me today,” Han Zhuoling said.

“Understood.” The manager nodded.

“That wont do.

They are my friends, so how can I make you spend money” Shi Nancang quickly said.

Han Zhuoling smiled and said, “Were all family, theres no need to be polite.”

Shi Nancang: “…”

Who is a family with you!

The two of you have only been dating for two days!

The manager quickly stepped out of the unending fight between Shi Nancang and Han Zhuoling and said to the rest, “Sirs, please follow me here.”

“Young Master Ling, youre too courteous.” Dong Qingxing smiled but did not reject the offer.

The rest of them also thanked Han Zhuoling and then left.

Shen Shian was the last to leave, but he still could not help turning back to look at Shi Xiaoya.

Yet the moment he turned back, he happened to meet Han Zhuolings gaze.

Han Zhuolings presence was really too strong, such that when Han Zhuoling was looking at him, Shen Shian could not even turn around fully to look at Shi Xiaoya.

He saw the look in Han Zhuolings eyes, as if he had seen through him.

Shen Shian quickly turned back and did not dare to look again as he followed the others to leave.

The room was only left with Han Zhuoling and the siblings.

Only then did Shi Nancang ask Shi Xiaoya, “Tell me honestly, have the two of you known each other for a long time”

“We have known each other for a period of time,” Han Zhuoling said.


Before he could say “Brother,” Shi Nancang stopped him.

“Young Master Ling, please dont call me that, I feel awkward hearing it,” Shi Nancang said.

“Even if you are dating Xiaoya, you still dont need to call me Big Brother.”

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