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Chapter 1851: Whos So Gutsy

“Not to mention a proposal, Ive never even seen this in idol dramas before.”

“Tch! Its already pretty good if you could see a single stalk in television dramas.

But such a huge bunch would need so much money, so how could a production crew bear to spend on it The production costs are mostly used to pay the artistes.

As for the remaining amount, of course they have to save where they could.

If not for the fact that it can be seen on camera, they would hate that they couldnt just make a plastic bouquet for you.”

“Thats true.

We just dont know who this bouquet is for.

Its really romantic.”

“We will know just by asking around, right I saw a colleague from the artiste department enter that elevator as well.

We can ask in a bit.”

When the employees learned that the flower delivery boy went not only to the Deputy CEOs offices level but also directly into the Deputy CEOs office, then passed the flowers to Han Zhuoling, every single one of their jaws dropped.

“Who would be so gutsy as to dare send flowers to Young Master Ling”

The employees were all very shocked in private and felt extremely curious.

“But those are roses.

It doesnt seem like it was sent by a man or an elder.”

“Young Master Ling is young and handsome, and his previous marriage is really not much of a big deal for me.

While his personality is a bit cold and he doesnt look friendly, this wont stop the gutsy ones from liking him.

Im just cowardly, but if I were a little more daring, I would like him too.”

“Thats true.

Young Master Lings age is the perfect age.

He is mature and calm, but not too old either.

That face paired with his character, its really the epitome ofabstinence\'[1].

If one could really take him down, that would really be comparable to an idol drama.”

“I just dont know who would be so gusty as to do it,” someone said.

“I wonder how Young Master Ling reacted after receiving the flowers”

“I asked someone from the secretarys office.

Young Master Lings office is very quiet.

He didnt get angry.”


Since when did you ever see Young Master Ling screaming and shouting or throwing things around Does he make a sound when hes angry He just gives a black face and keeps quiet, which is even scarier.”

“I really admire that brave comrade.

Whether she succeeds or not, I still admire her.”

“I also think that, no matter which debutante or female celebrity it is, even if Young Master Ling is really unhappy, he wont go to the extent of not giving her face.

At most, he will just ignore her.”

As everyone was quietly talking about this, there was still an hour before it was time to get off work.

Han Zhuoling just took that huge bouquet of flowers and walked out of the company ostentatiously.

“Young Master Ling actually didnt throw away the flowers!”

“Young Master Ling left with the flowers”

“What the, who gave it to him He actually gave them such a huge face.”

“Could it be… that actually, Young Master Ling is going to give it to someone I feel that even if girls were to send gifts, it wouldnt be flowers.

This looks more like a man giving something to a woman.”

“Stop joking with us.”

“Stop kidding us.”

This guess was refuted by everyone.

“How would Young Master Ling know to give flowers to women! Even if hes really the one giving it, he would only give it to the elders in his family.

As for other people, its impossible.”

“Hey, if you want to know, just ask someone about it.”

“Its because we cant find anyone to ask that were making wild guesses here.

If we could ask, why would we still be guessing over here”

“Tong Chunian might know about this, but like Zheng Tianming, his lips are sealed shut.

If Young Master Han and Young Master Ling are not letting them say it, you can forget about finding out anything from them.”

“Aish! Exactly.”

“But, no matter what, we can just go and ask first.

Who knows Anyway, Young Master Ling is not around now, only Tong Chunian is.

We can try to get something out from him, then talk about it again if we cant.”

“Okay.” The few gossipy female colleagues then went to find him together with their friends.

[1] [Annotation text missing]

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