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Chapter 1865: Lets Discuss the Wedding Date Right Now

In the end, it completely turned into dejection.

His cute, pretty, lovely little daughter was about to be ruined by a b*stard.

Hence, Shi Guanzhong joined forces with Shi Nancang to start forcing Han Zhuoling to drink more and more.

But how smart was Han Zhuoling though He quickly sensed Shi Guanzhongs attitude.

So, not long after, Shi Guanzhong was pacified nicely by Han Zhuoling again.

Du Yiqin stared at him with cold eyes.

Shi Guanzhong was simply being played around the palms of Han Zhuoling!

How embarrassing!

Shi Guanzhong was not young anymore.

He had been doing business for decades, yet he actually could not hold out for even a few rounds in front of Han Zhuoling.

He was completely not his match.

Du Yiqin secretly said to Shi Xiaoya, “Luckily, our family is doing business in a different domain and never competed with them before, or else how could we win In the past, I thought your father and brother were quite capable, but now, compared to Han Zhuoling, they are really too weak to watch.”

Shi Guanzhong had been pacified so thoroughly by Han Zhuoling that he was smiling all the time.

Not long after, Shi Guanzhong called, “Son-in-law.”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

Its only been a short while, and hed switched to calling him son-in-law already!

“Father-in-law!” Han Zhuoling readily responded in kind.

“You cannot bully our Xiaoya, cannot let her suffer.

Although our family cannot compare to the Han Family, Xiaoya has also been raised as the apple of our eyes since she was young.

Ever since she was a child, we have never let her suffer.

When it comes to you, all the more its not allowed,” Shi Guanzhong said.

“You have to remember, we didnt pamper her all the way until she grew up just so she could suffer at your hands.”

“Dont worry,” Han Zhuoling said.

“How can I bear to let her suffer I wont let her suffer from anything, and I wont allow other people to cause her any suffering.”

Shi Guanzhong nodded.

“Dont just make it sound nice.

You must definitely be able to do it.”

“You can just wait and see.”

Shi Xiaoya looked at the three of them and wondered what good deed shed done in her past life.

That must be why in this life, she could live in bliss.

She had parents and a brother who doted on her.

And now, shed met Han Zhuoling and continued to be doted on by him.

Seeing how worried Shi Guanzhong was about Han Zhuoling because of her, Shi Xiaoya felt indescribably warmed.

Du Yiqin did not know whether to laugh or cry as she said, “Ive really never seen someone just address the girls father as father-in-law directly the first time they visit the girls family.

Han Zhuoling is really no average person.”

Du Yiqin had said that to Shi Xiaoya softly.

Yet despite how Han Zhuoling had clearly drunk quite a lot already, he actually managed to hear that.

He turned to Du Yiqin and said, “When I started dating Xiaoya, marriage has always been the purpose I am aiming for, so its not too early for me to address Father-in-law as such now.”

Du Yiqin: “…”

It was rare that at her old age, Du Yiqins aged face actually blushed.

It was totally because she had said it softly, yet the main person in question heard it, which made her feel awkward.

Luckily, she did not say anything bad.

Han Zhuolings ears were too sharp.

Only Shi Xiaoyas heart suddenly raised when she saw Han Zhuoling being like this.

Indeed, Han Zhuoling was heard calling right afterward, “Mom.”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

Du Yiqin: “…”

Shi Nancang: “…”

Only Shi Guanzhong, who had had a drink too many, did not react to it.

Hearing Han Zhuoling call him “Father-in-law” and Du Yiqin “Mom” still made him quite happy.

“Good son-in-law!” Shi Guanzhong immediately filled Han Zhuolings glass with alcohol and said, “Since you already address us as such, I will really treat you like my son-in-law now.

You must not do anything to betray Xiaoya!”

Han Zhuoling immediately raised his glass and said, “Dad, if you are worried, why dont we discuss the wedding date right now”

Shi Nancang: “…”

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