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Chapter 1867: Han Zhuoling Knows How to Act Cute

This round of drinking lasted from 12 noon all the way to 3:30 in the afternoon.

Shi Guanzhong was completely drunk.

He held Han Zhuolings hand without wanting to let go and was just one step away from calling themselves brothers.

Shi Nancang was also drunk, but his condition was a little better.

He sat there quietly without speaking and was helped over to rest on the sofa by the helper auntie.

Shi Nancang just leaned against the sofa, looking drowsy like he was about to sleep.

“Seriously…” Du Yiqin said to Han Zhuoling in embarrassment.

“We really made a joke of ourselves to you today.

They are already so old, yet they still could not control themselves when they drink.”

Du Yiqin supported Shi Guanzhong.

Shi Guanzhong was swaying around and could no longer be steady on his feet.

He was already mumbling incoherently.

Han Zhuoling still looked very alert and clear-minded.

He was standing steadily and did not sway, and even his expression did not look unusual.

It was probably impossible to tell that hed drunk so much.

It was really shocking that he could actually drink so much.

Han Zhuoling said apologetically, “Its me who should apologize for letting Uncle drink so much.”

“Its not your fault,” Du Yiqin said casually.

“Its all his fault.

Does he not know how much he can drink He insisted on forcing you to drink with him, so what could you have done You couldnt have rejected him.

Thankfully, you can hold your liquor well.

If you really got knocked out drunk when its your first time here, how bad would we feel”

Han Zhuoling smiled and said, “No worries.

I will take note next time and not let Uncle drink so much anymore.”

“Sure.” Du Yiqin smiled and said, “I will help him back to the room first.”

Or else, if she continued to let Shi Guanzhong stay here and utter drunken words, they would really make a fool of themselves.

“Okay.” Han Zhuoling maintained a small smile.

Du Yiqin quickly helped Shi Guanzhong back to the bedroom.

Only then did Shi Xiaoya touch Han Zhuolings cheeks and said, “I really couldnt tell that you can drink a lot, even though you rarely drink usually.”

“Im just putting on a strong front.” Once they were gone, Han Zhuoling relaxed.

“When Auntie was talking to me just now, I didnt even dare to move my head.

If I moved, I would feel dizzy and embarrass myself.”

After Han Zhuoling said that, Shi Xiaoya recalled that, just now, Han Zhuoling had indeed only spoken, but she never saw his head move once.

Suddenly, her shoulders sank.

Han Zhuoling slightly bent over and rested his head on Shi Xiaoyas shoulder.

“I feel very dizzy,” Han Zhuoling said in a low voice.

His voice nested in his throat and sounded out lazily.

It sounded as if he was acting cute.

Han Zhuoling knows how to act cute

Even Shi Xiaoya thought that she heard wrongly.

But she really did hear it clearly just now.

His body also reeked strongly of alcohol.

If it was someone else, she would have felt super disdainful long ago.

But coming from Han Zhuoling, she did not find it smelly at all.

She lowered her head slightly.

Han Zhuolings face was very near hers.

She just needed to move a little bit more for her lips to touch his cheeks.

When she saw Han Zhuoling with his eyes closed and taking deep breaths, she thought he really looked like he drank too much and felt uncomfortable.

At first, she thought that even after he drank, the color of his face did not really change much.

But looking up close now, she noticed that his cheeks were tinged with a faint hint of red from being drunk.

Probably just like his personality, nothing about himself would be revealed easily.

So even if he drank too much, that tinge of red was very faint and low-key.

Shi Xiaoya raised her hand to massage his temples and said, “Then when my mom comes out, lets just go back and have a good rest after that.”

“Okay.” Han Zhuoling sounded really lazy, as if he was in a dream.

“What are the two of you doing” Shi Nancang, who had collapsed on the sofa initially, suddenly woke up for some reason.

He sat up straight at once and pointed at Han Zhuoling and said, “Straighten up your back! Dont take advantage of my younger sister!”

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