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Chapter 1892: Lets See How Similar You Are to the First Young Master Han

“Sigh, like I said, similar people, different fates.” Xu Yuting pursed her lips.

“Us, meanwhile, we only have a few scenes and even need to apply our makeup ourselves.

Doesnt matter if we applied it well or not, the audience wont notice anyway.”

Unbeknown to them, their conversation had been overheard by a passing Shi Xiaoya.

Guo Yujie whispered, “Why are they like this”

Shi Xiaoya shook her head.

Lu Mans dressing room was just beside theirs, and Shi Xiaoya merely passed by the door.

Guo Yujie assumed Shi Xiaoya would let things be and leave, but Shi Xiaoya unexpectedly entered the room.

Sun Xiutong and Xu Yuting were focused on their cosmetics and didnt notice at first.

They only knew of her existence after Shi Xiaoya said beside them, “Excuse me for interrupting.”

Seeing Shi Xiaoya made their expressions look interesting.

“Sorry, I didnt mean to eavesdrop, but Lu Mans dressing rooms next to yours and I passed by here on my way.

Your door isnt closed either, so I heard what you said.”

The room Sun Xiutong and Xu Yuting occupied was a shared dressing room used by everyone.

People entered and left as they pleased, so they were used to not closing the door.

Both of them werent qualified to have their private dressing rooms.

But Wu Jingli was.

As for Lu Man, it was more than appropriate for her to have her own room.

This had nothing to do with her role but with her position as Mrs.


The theatre couldnt treat her poorly.

Sun Xiutong and Xu Yuting glanced at each other awkwardly.

Shi Xiaoya smiled.

“I think youve misunderstood something.

Im not employed by Lu Man, nor does she want to be different from everyone else.

I came on my own initiative because Lu Mans my friend and I wish to support her for her first play.”

“Who knew this would lead to Lu Man being misunderstood Its my bad.”

She didnt need Sun Xiutongs or Xu Yutings reply.

Even with her words, the two of them would still be biased against Lu Man.

At the very least, she could give them a warning of some sort so they would think twice before continuing to shoot their mouths off.

“I appeared rather abruptly.” Shi Xiaoya nodded towards them.

“Ill get going now.”

With that, she brought Guo Yujie out of the room.

Guo Yujie gave Shi Xiaoya a big thumbs-up.

“Perhaps because youre with first Young Master Han, Xiaoya, I feel your presence and aura are becoming more like his.”

Shi Xiaoya was surprised.

“How could that be Who can compare to his aura Youre exaggerating.”

“I never said youre the same, just becoming like him,” Guo Yujie said.

“You might have been smiling just now, but your words were enough to scare them.

Plus, your aura was really like that of the first Young Master Han.”

Guo Yujie took half a step back and observed Shi Xiaoya, rubbing her chin in the process.

Shi Xiaoya was weirded out by her scrutiny, quickly pulling her back.

“What are you doing”

“Just observing you on the whole, see how similar you are to the first Young Master Han.” Guo Yujie chuckled.

Shi Xiaoya smacked her lightly in jest.


They arrived in Lu Mans dressing room just as the door opened.

“I heard you guys speaking outside, what happened”

Shi Xiaoya didnt want to say it, but Guo Yujie was too fast and spilled the beans.

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