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Chapter 1894: You Can Be Envious, but You Cant Be Jealous

If that was the case, shed be too busy.

“Moreover, Sister-in-law already defended me just now.” Lu Man grinned.

Han Zhuoli took a moment before realizing “Sister-in-law” referred to Shi Xiaoya.

Han Zhuoling turned, eyes twinkling, as if disbelieving Shi Xiaoya would stand up and defend others given her temperament.

And for Lu Man too.

Did the two of them become opposites

Shi Xiaoya grew shy under Han Zhuolings gaze and pushed him aside, saying softly, “Dont interrupt me.”

“I didnt do anything!” Han Zhuoling protested innocently.

Seeing how Han Zhuoling behaved around Shi Xiaoya—totally not aloof—Lu Man chuckled to herself.

Shi Xiaoya ignored Han Zhuoling and was concentrating when she heard Han Zhuoling say, “But thats indeed what a sister-in-law will do.”

Shi Xiaoyas hand trembled, almost ruining Lu Mans eyebrows.

She glared at Han Zhuoling with a red face.

Whats he talking about!

But Lu Man was tearing up and cackling madly.

“…” Shi Xiaoya gritted her teeth.

“Laugh! Youre gonna have to redo your makeup when it smudges.”

“Alright, alright, Ill stop laughing.” Lu Man carefully dabbed the corners of her eyes with a cotton bud.

“Ill listen to Sister-in-law.”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

How can Lu Man be so mischievous!

Even Han Zhuoli couldnt contain his laughter.

Her hair couldnt be messed, so he poked her cheek.

How cheeky!

But he loved her cheekiness.

Right then, Han Zhuoli faced the same problem as Han Zhuoling.

If it wasnt for Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya, he wouldve embraced Lu Man already.

Hence, the brothers each scorned the other as a gooseberry.

Just when Lu Mans makeup was about to be done, someone knocked on her dressing room door.

Lu Mans makeup wasnt completed, so Shi Xiaoya was naturally busy.

So Han Zhuoli went to open the door.

Only to see around eight of the main casts and other important roles in the play, as well as the celebrity cameos Xu Jiashan invited, all standing outside.

“Young Master Han.” The male lead, Xu Yahan, was standing at the front.

He was a middle-aged actor popular with the masses, and beside him was the female lead.

Han Zhuoli understood in a flash that these people werent here for Lu Man, but for him and Han Zhuoling.

But he didnt mind, and for Lu Man to have a smooth career development in the future, not being disliked by her peers, Han Zhuoli invited them courteously.

Everyone was flattered.

Who could have expected Han Zhuoli to be so polite

Lu Man could only stop and stand up to greet them.

“Teacher Xu.” Lu Man called them one by one.

Xu Yahan and the others were always polite to Lu Man.

It didnt matter if it was because of Lu Mans performance or because of Han Zhuoli.

Frankly, even without Han Zhuoli, Lu Man had no faults they could pick on.

At most, she had a solid background and had good career prospects.

This you could envy, but not be jealous of.

They knew that a few younger actors in the theater disliked Lu Man because of this.

They felt that Lu Man had no real capabilities and that her status was all because of Han Zhuolis support and her good fortune.

If they had Lu Mans resources, they could achieve what Lu Man did too.

But, Xu Yahan thought, if they were jealous of Lu Mans good life, why dont they be jealous of the children of the wealthiest

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