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Chapter 1900: See If I Dont Break Your Legs

“Mom, you said it too, I have to meet the person first.

If I cant meet someone I like, I have no other choice either,” Han Zhuofeng said with his hands facing outwards.

“Look at my big brother.

Didnt he meet my future sister-in-law only now”

As he said that, Han Zhuofeng even secretly winked at Han Zhuoling.

He meant that since he was so glib-tongued, at this critical moment, Han Zhuoling had to help him.

Han Zhuoling was indeed pleased when he said “future sister-in-law,” and a smile he could not suppress appeared on his face.

He gave Han Zhuofeng a reassuring look.

“Look at my second big brother.

Didnt he only meet my second sister-in-law when he reached thirty” Han Zhuofeng continued.

Lu Man: “…”

Why did she feel like Han Zhuofeng was saying she was silly when she heard him say that

“So, on this matter, we cant rush it, and it cant be rushed.

I will only meet that person when fate dictates, right” Han Zhuofeng said.

“If you dare to only find a girlfriend when youre over thirty like your two older brothers, see if I dont break your legs!” Old Mrs.

Han said anxiously.

Han Zhuofeng: “…”

How come his two big brothers can find a partner over thirty, but he cant

Han Zhuofeng turned to Han Zhuoling for help.

Han Zhuoling said, “Grandma, I will ask Xiaoya and Lu Man to take note if there are any good ladies they know next time.

They are closer in age to Zhuofeng, so they would have many chances to get to know young girls.

I and Zhuoli dont have many chances to get to know about these things, and we dont want to know either, lest some misunderstanding happens.”

Old Mrs.

Han nodded and felt that this was quite reasonable.

Han Zhuofeng: “…”

What joke was this He was still so young!

His Big Brother, what happened to helping him out

Han Zhuoling, who was supposed to help him out, had at this moment stood up and walked to an empty spot to give Shi Xiaoya a video call.

It rang for a long while before Shi Xiaoya picked up.

Han Zhuoling was about to ask why it took so long when he saw Shi Xiaoya marinating a chicken with some seasoning.

“Youre cooking” Han Zhuoling asked.

“My hands were grimy with oil and seasoning just now, so it wasnt convenient for me to slide and unlock the screen.

I could only go and wash my hands first, thats why I picked up a little later,” Shi Xiaoya explained first.

Because she was preparing lunch, she put her phone in a suitable place to prop it up, so she can video call Han Zhuoling while preparing the food.

“I was thinking that I seemed to not have personally cooked for my family before, so I took the chance today to prepare a few dishes for lunch for my family to have a taste,” Shi Xiaoya said.

Previously, when Han Zhuoling went to her house, she personally cooked for him.

She thought that, actually, her cooking was not bad, but she never cooked for her family to try before, which really did sound quite improper.

It was fine since she was usually busy with work and often had to travel to other places for work.

Now that she was on New Years leave at home, she took the chance today to personally cook a few dishes for lunch.

“Are you the only one preparing all the dishes for lunch” Han Zhuoling asked.

“Nope, Im just cooking two or three dishes which Im good at.

If I were to be in charge of everything, I dont know what time we can start eating,” Shi Xiaoya explained with a laugh.

Although Han Zhuoling went to a spot with fewer people, he did not deliberately avoid people either.

Old Mrs.

Han and the others could still see him from the living room.

She smiled and said to Lin Liye, “After Zhuoling started dating, he became different.

He would even take the initiative to call her.

Look how gentle he is.”

Although they couldnt hear what Han Zhuoling was saying, they could see that he was smiling all the way, and his gaze was unbelievably gentle.

Lin Liye nodded in gratification.

“Yes, I can finally put my heart at ease.

I am just waiting for Zhuofeng to mature and settle down, then I really wont have anything to worry about and wont have any more regrets.”

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