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Chapter 1902: The Problem is Huge!

When both of them reached the backyard, Han Zhuofeng could not help but say, “Dad, whats the matter Why are you being so secretive Its so cold outside now and you still want to talk outside.”

Han Zhuofeng opened his mouth to talk.

The wind was filling his mouth as it blew.

It was really chilling him to death.

Most importantly, he did not put on a coat, because Han Dongping did not say previously that they were going outside to talk.

Han Dongping said, “You persuade your mom to come home to stay.

Its not becoming of her to stay outside for so long! Will it sound nice if word goes out”

Han Zhuofeng laughed and said, “You dont think youre in the wrong, and you dont miss my mom.

Youre just afraid that if word goes out, it would not sound nice and would thus make you lose face If thats the case, then I wont let my mom go back.

She wont be happy even if she goes back to stay.

Shes staying together with me and Big Brother now, and it feels very comfortable every day.”

“Your big brother will get married sooner or later.

Will she still stay together with you all then” Han Dongping said in a low voice.

“Youre not young anymore, why are you still so immature!”

“My mom has already chosen a villa for Big Brother,” Han Zhuofeng said.

“She is even more considerate than you.

She wont want to disturb Big Brothers married life with his wife.

When the time comes, she will let Big Brother and Elder Sister-in-law move in to live in the villa.”

As for Lin Liyes plans to buy another villa beside Han Zhuolings villa so that they could all be neighbors, Han Zhuofeng did not mention it.

Because Lin Liye did not plan to include Han Dongping from start to end.

If Han Dongping learned about this, he would surely blow his top.

Just like how Han Dongping could see through Han Dongpings thinking, Han Zhuofeng could see through him as well.

Han Dongping did have feelings for Lin Liye and wanted to live peacefully with her, but he could not let go of his pride.

Han Zhuofeng then said, “Dad, if you want to patch up with Mom, then change your attitude.

Think about why Mom moved out.

You try your best to coax her to go back home.

If Mom doesnt want to go home, Big Brother and I wont persuade her to go back.

We will prioritize her feelings first.

If she wants to go back of her own accord, we will not stop her either.

Similarly, the most important thing is whether she feels comfortable or not.”

“I wont help you to force Mom into doing something she doesnt want to do and make her feel unhappy,” Han Zhuofeng said.

“You!” Han Dongping felt like he was about to burst from anger.

He actually could not even control his youngest son anymore.

Han Zhuofeng did not care about how angry Han Dongping was anymore and turned to go back into the house.

Han Dongping pursed his lips and took a deep breath before exhaling heavily and going back into the house.


At the Lu Corporation.

Lu Qiyuans face was sullen.

He stared at the companys year-end financial statement.

“CEO, is there a problem” asked his assistant, Jiang Yujie, who stood in front of the office desk.

Lu Qiyuan shook his head with a sullen face and did not say a word.

A problem

The problem was huge!

In the past year, the company had been struggling to maintain a state where it can barely survive.

But in the year-end financial statement, it was indicated that the company had incurred severe losses.

Although he had been hospitalized for quite a while, Lu Qiyuan was still very clear on the companys situation.

There was a problem in here.

But it was the holidays now.

Even if Lu Qiyuan wanted to engage a professional specialist to come and inspect, he could only wait until after the New Year.

If he were to really check, it would be a huge project.

He could not rush it.

Even if it was not the holidays now and he really found someone to come, they would need a long time to check and inspect it.

Lu Qiyuan put down the document.

He looked up and saw Jiang Yujie standing prettily before him.

That gentle look was tinged with a hint of timidness under his gaze.

It was like a hybrid of Xia Qingwei and Xia Qingyang when they were young.

She had Xia Qingweis gentleness and Xia Qingyangs timidness that made her look like a little white rabbit.

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