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Chapter 1911: If We Didnt Tell Her, She Would Be Angry

Wang Juhuai was in charge of helping Xia Qingwei out.

Because Xia Qingweis stomach had been getting bigger, staying in their original bedroom on the second floor had not been very convenient for her to walk around.

So theyd moved to the first-floor bedroom.

Wang Juhuai wanted to carry her, but because Xia Qingweis stomach was really too big now, she had to keep her back straight even while walking and had to sleep in a fixed posture, making it difficult for her to even turn around.

It would be even much harder for Wang Juhuai to carry her up.

Xia Qingwei was being supported by Wang Juhuai.

Every time it hurt, she could not help but bend her knees, as if she was about to fall.

Every time this happened, Wang Juhuai would be so startled that he would break out in cold sweat all over his body.

He supported Xia Qingwei firmly, not letting her fall.

He helped Xia Qingwei into the car.

Since Xia Qingwei was pregnant, to make going out more comfortable for her, Wang Juhuai had specially bought a small recreational vehicle.

Big recreational vehicles in the market were a little too big, so the small ones were more convenient.

In the vehicle, there was tap water, a small fridge, a sofa, and also a bed.

It had everything and was very spacious as well.

It was convenient for Xia Qingwei who was heavily pregnant, so she could lie straight and relax.

Or else if they sat in a normal car, she would really feel too trapped and stuffy.

Wang Juhuai helped Xia Qingwei directly to the bed in the vehicle to let her lie down.

Before the car started, Auntie Liang came over and said, “Sir, I already called the hospital.

The hospital has already prepared the ward and the operating theater.”

“Good,” Wang Juhuai said.

“Once youre done packing, just come to the hospital.”

“Yes.” Auntie Liang nodded.

The driver was not around, so Wei Zhong was in charge of driving.

Xia Qingwei held Wang Juhuais hand.

“Give Man Man a call.

I am about to give birth.

If we dont tell her, she will be angry.”

Thinking of an angry Lu Man made Wang Juhuai laugh, even though he was very nervous at this moment.

“Right, right.” Wang Juhuai nodded immediately.

“I was too nervous, I even forgot about such an important matter.

If I really forgot to notify her, that little girl would be angered to death.”

Hence, Wang Juhuai quickly made the call.

Thats why Lu Man received the call at the family home.

“Is Moms condition okay” Lu Man was so shocked that she stood up.

“Dont be anxious, and dont worry, your moms condition is very good.

She still has the energy to talk to me right now,” Wang Juhuai assured Lu Man.

“Its actually me whos too nervous, I even forgot to tell you.

It was Qingwei who reminded me actually.”

“Ill go to the hospital now,” Lu Man said.


Were on the way there, you dont need to rush.

Even if we reach the hospital, we have to wait until the cervix opening is wide enough before she can give birth, so it wont be so fast,” Wang Juhuai reminded her.

“So you must definitely drive safely on the way here and dont drive too fast just because youre anxious.”


The moment Lu Man hung up, Old Mrs.

Han asked anxiously, “Xiao Xia is about to give birth”


They are on the way to the hospital now,” Lu Man said.

“Go, go, go.

Lets all go together,” Old Mrs.

Han said, having already stood up.

Lu Man was stunned.

If so many people went together, wont there be too many people

“This… we havent finished the dumplings.

I can just go over together with Zhuoli,” Lu Man said.

“How will that do We already ate the dumplings, and were not hungry to begin with.

We just ate some because its a tradition.” As Old Mrs.

Han said that, she had already pushed the chair away.

“You wait a while, I will go put on a coat.

Wait for me.”

“Grandma, my mom might need to stay for the whole night when giving birth.

You should stay at home to rest.

When she gives birth, I will immediately give you a call.” Lu Man quickly stopped her.

How could she really let Old Mrs.

Han stay with them for the whole night

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