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Chapter 1924: Not This Attitude Anymore

When his parents were being like this, he just shielded Xia Qingwei from the front to prevent her from suffering any grievances.

“Given how that Mrs.

Wang acts, within a few days, Dad will have to send them on the plane back personally,” Lu Man said.

Although she called Wang Juhuai “Dad,” she did not really treat Wang Taihong and Lu Wenqing as her grandfather and grandmother.

Even if she wanted to, they did not like it, so why would she find another pair of annoying in-laws for Han Zhuoli

Since Wang Juhuais parents gave such an attitude, it saved them a lot of trouble.

“Mom, no matter what they say, you dont have to be bothered about it.

You just need to smile at them and take it as if youre just giving Dad face.

As for the rest, you dont have to be angry with them, and you dont need to worry about me,” Lu Man said.

“That Mr.

Wang and Mrs.

Wang look very snobbish just from looking at them briefly.

Seeing how they behaved today, they probably dont know about me and Zhuoli.

When they find out, you just wait, they will definitely not show such attitude.”

Lu Man smiled and said, “Whose family doesnt have a few top-grade relatives As for this matter, as long as it doesnt affect your and Dads relationship, it will be fine.”


Wang Taihong and Lu Wenqing got back into Wang Juhuais car.

Lu Wenqing said unhappily, “We havent even had time to take a proper look at our grandson.

Are you in such a rush to chase us away”

“Mom, dont keep thinking others have bad intentions.

I just want to let you both have a good rest, then you can take a proper look at your grandson,” Wang Juhuai said.

Lu Wenqing scoffed and said, “Speaking of that, you treat that Lu Man too well.

If she took on your surname, thats still fine.

But for someone who doesnt even want to change her surname, she still wants to leech off your fame.

Shes in the entertainment industry, so she probably uses your connections quite often!”

Wang Juhuai almost laughed in anger.

“Lu Man doesnt need to use my connections.”

Doesnt need to use

Both of them just took it with a pinch of salt and did not take him seriously.

Lu Wenqing continued, “I know, because of Xia Qingwei, you treat Lu Man well too.

But she is still not your biological daughter after all and has no blood relation to you.

Theres still a layer of separation.

You really dont need to pour your heart and soul out for her.

She doesnt even want to change her surname and still wants to take advantage of your fame.

What an ingrate.

That Xia Qingwei also.

How can she not know better and actually allow Lu Man to do such a thing”

“I already said, Lu Man doesnt need to rely on my resources,” Wang Juhuai said.

“And you both also think too highly of me.

In the domestic entertainment industry, I dont have such a big influence.

Although I am famous, I dont have the relevant connections.

After all, I have been based overseas for many years and never interacted with the domestic entertainment industry before previously.

Their interests are all tied within their circles.

Who would give me such face”

Wang Taihong and Lu Wenqing exchanged glances and did not continue speaking for the time being.

When they reached the hotel, he settled the administrative check-in for them.

“You both rest well, Ill get going first,” Wang Juhuai said and then left.

Wang Taihong and Lu Wenqing were in the hotel room but did not have any intention of resting properly.

“Juhuai is too protective of Xia Qingwei and her daughter.

Fine if he is protective of Xia Qingwei, since shes his wife.

But why would he bother protecting an outsider like Lu Man Could it be that in his eyes, we cant even compare to an outsider” Lu Wenqing said unhappily.

“Hah.” Wang Juhuai scoffed disdainfully.

“The entertainment industry is such a complicated place.

Based on what Juhuai said, before he married Xia Qingwei, she was already famous.

Then if she did not have any connections previously, how did she get her resources”

Lu Wenqing paused for a moment before she said, “You mean—”

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