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Chapter 1928: An Ingrate Indeed

Wang Taihong glanced at Han Zhuoli.

He thought about it and decided that they might as well stay.

If they could interact more with Han Zhuoli and pull their relationship closer, there would be many benefits for them.

Wang Taihong prepared to say that they would not be leaving anymore and that would stay in the country often in the future.

Yet before he could say that, Wang Juhuai said, “This time, when you both came over, its just to see whether Qingwei and the child are well.

Both of them are doing very well, so the two of you can put your hearts at ease.

Jugus family needs your care and concern even more, so you both should go back tonight.”

“What do you mean by this” Lu Wenqing was unhappy.

“We came all the way here and took a ten-hour-plus flight to come.

We barely took a look at Yijun and you want to chase us away already”

“Hes not chasing the two of you away,” Han Zhuoli said.

“Its just that he really doesnt have the time to take care of the two of you.

Its not good if the two of you stay in a hotel for the long-term either.”

“Then we can buy a house and stay here,” Lu Wenqing said without even thinking.

“Isnt that simple Although the houses in B City are expensive, to us, its not much.”

And they did not even need to spend their own money.

Wasnt Wang Juhuai here

Was spending money to buy a house even a concern for Wang Juhuai

Wang Juhuai laughed sarcastically.

“You both really thought it out well.

I wont pay a single cent for the house.

If you dont want to spend your own money, then see if Wang Jugu is willing to buy it for you.

Also, if you both want to stay here permanently, I wont give you the monthly allowance I always gave in the past.”

“Why!” Lu Wenqing blurted out in anxiety.

But she immediately realized that Han Zhuoli was here, so she did not dare to behave too rapaciously.


Wang, Mrs.

Wang.” Lu Man spoke at this moment.

Changing the aloofness she had previously, Lu Wenqing answered with all smiles and said, “Man Man, you dont have to be so formal with us.

You can just call us Grandpa and Grandma.”

Wang Juhuai laughed in anger.

“I wont dare to,” Lu Man said plainly.

“You both can just continue to call me Miss Lu.”

Lu Wenqings face turned embarrassed and awkward instantly.

Lu Man said, “I am just afraid that the two of you might have some misunderstanding, so I wanted to mention it in advance.

My dad loves and cares for me, so he will never have any dealings with the Han Family when it concerns his personal interests.

Hes afraid that if something happens, the Han Family might have a bad impression of me.

Its the same for my mom.

They are in-laws and only interact with each other like in-laws.

They wont use the Han Family to achieve their own motives, because they worry that it will put me in a difficult position.”

“I think the two of you would probably love and care for your juniors in the same way, right” Lu Man asked with a smile.

“Erm…” Lu Wenqing laughed awkwardly and said, “Haha, relatives should always help each other out.

Why would we stand on formalities with each other If theres really an issue, would your in-laws really stand by the side and not help”

“I will help.

If its a matter concerning my father-in-law and mother-in-law, I will definitely help,” Han Zhuoli said.

“As for other people who have no relation with Man Man, we will naturally not care about them.

Just like Man Mans biological father.

I wont even let him have a chance to get close to Man Man, much less help him.

If he gets on my nerves, I will just make his company go bankrupt.

But his company is already hanging on the edge now—”

Han Zhuoli was about to continue speaking but he stopped.

Even so, the meaning behind his words was clear.

People who treated Lu Man badly, no matter how they were related to Lu Man, would be dealt with by him the same way.

Even her biological father did not manage to glean any benefits, much less other people.

Lu Wenqing thought to herself, “This Lu Man is an ingrate indeed!”

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