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Chapter 1932: Asking for My Mans Way of Training Her Husband

“Why dont you both take the time on this journey back to properly think about how sincerely those two people treat the two of you” Wang Juhuai said.

“When you arrive, take good care of yourself.

With people who act in one way on the surface and do something else behind your back, its better to have less interaction.

When you reach there, give me a call to let me know you have arrived safely.”

After Wang Juhuai said that, he left.

Lu Wenqing could not speak for a long time.

Wang Juhuais last words were ultimately directed at them.

Lu Wenqing thought of what Wang Juhuai had said previously.

She turned to look at Wang Taihong.

“What do you think”

“What can I think Lin Jinshu and Wang Qianyun are really something.

They actually played us out like fools.” Wang Taihong pulled a long, cold face.

Right now, hed even called Wang Qianyun by her full name.

How would he still be as warm and passionate as he had been towards her in the past

Who knows if Wang Qianyun could still pacify them this time

But at least, there would be a period of time where she could forget about gaining their trust.


Because of Wang Juhuais request, Han Zhuoli very quickly settled the matter.

Next time, Wang Taihong and Lu Wenqing really could not come as and when they liked anymore.

In the blink of an eye, the Chinese New Year holidays passed.

Lu Man started following the theater troupe to different provinces to perform around three times a month.

Every time she went out, she would be back after three to four days, which was within Han Zhuolis acceptable range.

The plays showings were mostly held on Saturdays.

Hence, Han Zhuoli could also spare the time to fly over to accompany Lu Man.

In this way, it would feel as if the two of them were never away from each other.

There were quite a few times when Han Zhuoli especially went to accompany Lu Man, which had all been taken photos of by the reporters.

This was also because Han Zhuoli did not intend to hide it.

He just let them take the photos and did not mind at all.

No matter whether it was a reporter or a passer-by, they would naturally post it online when they took the photos.

So there was naturally a barrage of dog food[1] fed to the netizens.

“Asking for My Mans way of training her husband.

How did she manage to train Young Master Han into being such an obedient man This is way too much pampering.

Lu Man is just traveling out to different locales to perform a play.

Its at most three to four days in total, yet Young Master Han still wanted to go and accompany her.”

“Sometimes, when I travel for business trips, my husband doesnt even give me a call.”

“Exactly, exactly.

My husband is not really busy at work usually, and he wont even do this.

Yet people like Han Zhuoli, who are so busy, could still take time out to accompany his wife.

Hes really the Nations Best Husband.”

At this time, Lu Man and Han Zhuoli were in the hotel room.

Lu Man just reached this city today and was going to perform for the play tomorrow.

Different from the previous few times, this time, Han Zhuoli set off together with her.

Because there happened to be a business trip where either Han Zhuoli or Han Zhuoling could go.

As Lu Man was coming over, Han Zhuoli took the initiative to go to this business trip.

At this moment, Han Zhuoli sat on the bed and rested against the soft and fluffy pillow propped up against the head of the bed.

Lu Man was bathing in the bathroom.

Han Zhuoli took his phone, wanting to see netizens comments on Lu Mans performance originally.

Although there were people who watched the performance in B City before, most of the netizens had not watched it before.

Each performance was a fresh start.

Yet he did not expect that instead of seeing comments on Lu Mans performance, he saw those comments instead.

Right at this moment, Lu Man came out.

She had just blow-dried her hair, and the smell of her shampoo was still quite strong.

The moment she came out, she saw Han Zhuoli suddenly look up at her and even raise his eyebrow at her.

Lu Man paused.

This man was suddenly looking like this.

What was he up to

“Whats wrong” Lu Man asked, confused.

“Come here.” Han Zhuoli gestured at her to come over with his finger.

Lu Man immediately became cautious.

“What exactly is it”

“I wont do anything to you, what are you afraid of” Han Zhuoli laughed in frustration.

[1] PDA

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