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Chapter 1935: Miss Shi Is So Pretty

“You praise me too much.” Shi Xiaoya smiled politely but distantly.

Seeing that Zheng Xuexin extended his hand as if to shake hers, Shi Xiaoya hesitated for a moment, but she did not show it.

If she did, how awkward would that be

Zheng Xuexin did not notice her hesitation.

Shi Xiaoya smiled and reached out to shake Zheng Xuexins hand.

Usually, when people shook hands out of courtesy, they would let go after a brief moment.

Especially when it involved women, it was better to be more discerning.

Lest they made the other party feel uncomfortable and have a misunderstanding.

Just give a gentlemanly handshake that had been praised by netizens before.

But Zheng Xuexin clearly did not have this kind of gentlemanly thought.

He held Shi Xiaoyas hand and did not let go.

Guo Yujies face changed.

She scolded Zheng Xuexin for being shameless in her heart!

Whatever they worried about really happened.

Zheng Xuexin really could not wait.

The moment he saw a beauty, he would want to take advantage of her.

Had he never seen women before in his previous life!

How disgusting!

Zheng Xuexin still showed a smile that he thought was oh-so-charming.

Shi Xiaoyas smile stiffened.

She almost could not keep up her smile and wanted to wrest her hand out of his grasp.

However, Zheng Xuexin held on to her hand firmly and did not let go.

“Teacher Zheng” Shi Xiaoya could no longer keep up her smile and was almost clenching her teeth as she said that.

She hoped that by calling him as such, it would seem as if she was honoring him so that he would be more mindful of his status and stop doing such disgusting things, thus living up to the name of a “teacher.”

But Zheng Xuexin clearly did not have such self-awareness.

Hearing Shi Xiaoya call him that, he felt that he was so impressive and great that he could do anything he wanted to.

She was just a small makeup artist.

Wouldnt it be an easy take

Since the other party knew of his fame and status, they would surely want to suck up to him.

He merely gave a small hint now and wanted to see Shi Xiaoyas reaction.

Indeed, Shi Xiaoya did not look that unwilling.

As long as he tested the waters, Zheng Xuexin felt that he could take it a step further.

As he was holding Shi Xiaoyas hand, he stroked her soft palm with his index finger.

This hint was way too obvious.

And it could even be considered harassment!

Shi Xiaoya could not be bothered to spare a thought for the other person anymore and just yanked her hand out forcefully.

Shi Xiaoyas face completely turned dark.

Guo Yujie could not see Zheng Xuexins cheap act just now, but judging from Shi Xiaoyas reaction, she also knew that Zheng Xuexin definitely did something.

“Miss Shi is so pretty.

Have you ever thought of entering the entertainment industry” Zheng Xuexin used his same old trick the moment he spoke.

He would use entering and developing in the entertainment industry to seduce girls.

Many girls wanted to become famous and be admired by other people.

They wanted the feeling of being adored by everyone.

They also desired a luxurious and glamorous lifestyle.

Zheng Xuexins trick was still quite useful.

At least, hed managed to deceive many ignorant young girls, as well as some people in the industry who had the ambition but no connections to succeed.

The show, Survivor, had now aired two episodes, four times in total.

The two parts of the third episode had yet to be aired.

The production team had also made sure to ensure secrecy.

Hence, Zheng Xuexin still did not know that Shi Xiaoya was already one of the guests for the show.

It was just that she was not on this episode, but she could be considered to have stepped half a foot into the entertainment industry already.

All these, Zheng Xuexin still did not know, so he said, “You are considered part of the entertainment industry, so you know that if you want to make a name for yourself here, you need someone to bring you up.

Someone who will be willing to support you.”

Shi Xiaoya did not even want to give Zheng Xuexin a fake smile anymore and said coldly, “Although Teacher Zheng thinks highly of me, I dont have such intentions.”

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