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Chapter 1936: Why Dont You Come to My Room Tonight

“Look at you, youre so young.

You need to have some ambition.” Zheng Xuexin did not spare her and continued to pester her as he coaxed, “You cant waste that beautiful face of yours.”

The more Zheng Xuexin looked at Shi Xiaoya, the more pretty he thought she was.

And this face looked especially clean, which was different from those who underwent plastic surgery in the entertainment industry.

More importantly, she did not have such a messy private life like those people.

Based on his experienced eye, he could tell with one look that Shi Xiaoya was still a virgin.

There were not many ladies, especially in their industry, who were still virgins.

They were definitely rare.

“Given my experience in the entertainment industry, I have also seen quite a few female celebrities.

From A-list to the bottom 18th-list, trust me, given your looks and elegance, you can definitely make a name for yourself,” Zheng Xuexin said, persuading her shamelessly.

“You shouldnt waste your outstanding qualities.”

Zheng Xuexin just took out his name card.

He had two different name cards.

One was for business purposes, which contained the contact details for his agency and his assistants number.

The other version was the one he gave to Shi Xiaoya now.

He also put the name of his agency on it, but the contact number was his own private mobile number.

He was using his agency name to lower the guard of the other party.

But once they contacted him, they would be contacting him in private.

“This is my agencys name card.

If you are interested, you can contact me anytime.

As long as you become an artiste in my agency, I will definitely do my best to make you famous and pour all my resources on you.

You can be assured on this point.

I can promise you!”

Zheng Xuexin leaned in a little closer to her and gave an ambiguous smile.

With an obvious hinting tone, he said, “Its not convenient to talk about it in detail here.

Why dont you come to my room tonight We can talk about it in more detail, including your future plans.

We can all discuss it in detail.”

Zheng Xuexin smiled as he stared at Shi Xiaoyas beautiful face.

Shi Xiaoya immediately took two steps back and said, “No need.

I like this job and have no intention of stepping into the entertainment industry.

And my personality doesnt suit it either.

Thank you, Teacher Zheng, for thinking highly of me, but it doesnt suit me.”

Zheng Xuexin seemed to have heard something funny and stared at Shi Xiaoya without minding it.

As if Shi Xiaoya was so insignificant, she was completely disregarded by him.

Saying so much to her just now was already giving her face.

But she actually did not know better and really thought she had so much potential So much that anyone would want to groom her as a talent

To be honest, there were so many pretty women around.

Could all of them go and become celebrities

If their acting skills were not good enough, their EQ not high enough, or reaction not quick enough, they would all not make the cut.

If not for the fact that he thought this little girl was still passable, he would not have bothered to say so much to her.

But it was fine.

The harder she was to get, the more challenging it was, and the more exciting it was.

When he got it, it would feel like an even greater achievement.

He had not met this kind for a long time.

The ones hed met in the past usually got hooked the moment he met them.

Meeting someone like her this time felt quite different, and it made him even more interested.

“This girl, youre young, but you dont even have any ambition.” Zheng Xuexin still maintained a good temper.

What he thought appeared to be a sincere look to attract and groom new talent in actual fact looked like more than what the word “wretched” could describe.

It was really a sight no one could stand.

“Actually, even if you just like staying in this career, its fine too.

Every industry has its own elites too.”

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