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Chapter 1938: Words Carried a Lot of Weight

He was a public figure, after all, not a mobile cannon.

He seemed as if he could not live without women wherever he went.

Hes here to film a show for only two days, so how could Zheng Xuexin still be so improper

Alas, he really was that improper!

Lu Dongliu and Chi Xingrui ran and felt vexed at the same time.

What kind of people were these!

They came one after another.

Could they just stop with it!

During the third episode, Jiang Yuhan was the one finding trouble.

This time, someone like Zheng Xuexin came.

And, out of all people, he had to provoke Shi Xiaoya!

When they were recording for the third episode, Han Zhuoling already held Shi Xiaoyas hand openly without hiding it from anyone.

And there was something else that Shi Xiaoya did not know.

Han Zhuoling had contacted him in private to ask him to take better care of Shi Xiaoya on the show.

Han Zhuoling could not possibly keep her company in every episode of the show, so he asked Lu Dongliu to help take care of her more.

Lu Dongliu had stuttered and struggled to ask what relationship Han Zhuoling had with Shi Xiaoya.

He was not to blame for wanting to seek verification.

He was just curious, whether Han Zhuoling was just casually interested in Shi Xiaoya or whether he was being serious.

He felt that, given Han Zhuolings personality and character, he was not the kind who would play with feelings.

Given the Han Familys upbringing, they would not allow their children to do such a thing either.

But Lu Dongliu still wanted to confirm it.

And Han Zhuoling did not disappoint him.

He just admitted openly, “Shi Xiaoya is my girlfriend.

Shes the person I want to marry.”

If it was only the first half of the line, it would not have given Lu Dongliu too much of a shock.

After all, Lu Dongliu had already been mentally prepared about that.

He was just seeking verification on that matter.

But as for the last half of the sentence, Lu Dongliu almost fell off his chair when he heard it.

The last half of the sentence could not be said to not be serious.

It all the more showed how much Shi Xiaoya meant to Han Zhuoling.

Or else, given Han Zhuolings prudent personality, how would he possibly say such a thing

He was elevating it straight up to marriage!

Given Han Zhuolings prudent personality, unless he was certain, he would not say it.

But once he said it, he would definitely do it.

Lu Dongliu could not even imagine it.

Han Zhuoling had only just got together with Shi Xiaoya not long ago.

Yet he already thought of marriage and even said it straight to an outsider like him.

How much did Han Zhuoling actually like Shi Xiaoya!

Given how Han Zhuoling did not even care about Jiang Yuhan who went right up to his room door, it showed that Han Zhuoling was really not a frivolous person.

If any woman could get him just by coming, he would not have been branded as a workaholic in the first place.

It was precisely because Han Zhuoling cared about Shi Xiaoya so much that Lu Dongliu treated it with utmost importance even more so now.

Han Zhuolings frank words carried a lot of weight!

With Han Zhuoling around, who would dare to touch Shi Xiaoya!

If Shi Xiaoya were to be bullied by someone on the show, he would not be able to answer to Han Zhuoling.

That Zheng Xuexin, Lu Dongliu knew his usual tricks.

Wouldnt he just say that he would use his resources to help the other party get famous

What a joke.

Why doesnt he take a look at how his little bit of resources could compare to Han Zhuolings

As long as Shi Xiaoya was willing, she could be just like Lu Man.

He was not even self-aware about how capable he was.

He just knew how to brag.

Lu Dongliu and the others finally arrived and saw Zheng Xuexin pestering Shi Xiaoya.

Lu Dongliu was fuming with rage.

“Teacher Zheng!” Lu Dongliu immediately called.

When Zheng Xuexin saw that he came, he at least toned down a little and let go of her, but he still acted as if nothing was wrong.

Shi Xiaoya seized the chance and quickly ran behind Lu Dongliu.

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