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Chapter 1941: Flexible

Lu Dongliu stopped.

“Teacher Zheng”

“If you want to swap out the makeup artist, then you can just do so.” Zheng Xuexin was still smarter than Jiang Yuhan.

He knew when to bend down and bow down, and he did not push things to the point of no return.

He could disregard his pride during critical moments as well.

Zheng Xuexin was also thick-skinned enough.

He just pretended as if his earlier unhappiness and stubbornness did not exist and as if he was not as arrogant as before.

He put a smile on his face now and said, “I already signed the contract, I am not such an irresponsible person.

How can I breach the contract at the last minute I was only fuming at the top of my head just now, so I said those words in the heat of the moment.

I was not thinking clearly then.

Just treat it as if you heard a joke.”

Lu Dongliu smiled and said, “Teacher Zheng, youre being too serious.

I was also being reckless just now, dont take it to heart.”

“No, no.” Zheng Xuexin smiled as if nothing happened before.

“You, too, dont stoop to my level and take it to heart with me.

We were just saying things out of anger just now, dont take it seriously.

I was also muddled.

I dont know why, it just got to my head.”

Lu Dongliu smiled and said, “Then, for the filming later on, I will have to trouble Teacher Zheng to put in more effort.”

“Youre too kind, youre too kind,” Zheng Xuexin said as he smiled.

“Then I will have the new makeup artist come over in a moment.” After Lu Dongliu said that, he then said a few courteous words to Zheng Xuexin before leaving with Chi Xingrui.

After theyd walked for some distance, Chi Xingrui then raised his thumb and said, “This Zheng Xuexin is really not a simpleton.

He is a really flexible person.

He changed his attitude just like that.

He was so high and mighty earlier, yet he really lowered himself as much just now.”

Lu Dongliu smiled and said, “Why dont you just say hes impressive Do you think just anyone can make a name for themselves in the entertainment industry If they wanted to rely on themselves, they would have to put their pride down for other people to step on.

How do you think he rose to fame in the past There were so many actors who could be easily replaced, so how do you think he managed to get spotted”

Chi Xingrui asked very curiously, “What did he do”

“Him Not only is he flexible, but he can alternate between being straight and gay too.

He fits both sides like a two-pin plug.” Lu Dongliu laughed.

“Ive also wondered before why he is so urgent and rushed, almost turning into a wolf whenever he sees pretty women.

Its probably because he had been suppressing it for too long previously.

How suppressed he had been in the past is proportional to how wild he is being now.”

“What the f*ck! Thats really impressive!” Chi Xingrui rubbed his elbows and said, “That man can really do anything.

Anyway, if it was me, no matter how popular I can become next time, I still wont make such sacrifices.”

“So, you think his change of attitude is impressive just now This is a trivial thing to him.

Only little girls like Jiang Yuhan wont be able to put their pride down in the moment and remain so stuck up.” As Lu Dongliu said that, they already reached the big dressing room, so they immediately ended this conversation.

After entering, Shi Xiaoya was sitting at the side.

The others were still having their makeup done.

Lu Dongliu knew of Zheng Xuexins horrible personality, so he naturally did not dare to arrange for another lady to put on makeup for him.

He then asked Shi Feng and the other men, “Among the three of you, I wonder who has the time to go and put on makeup for Teacher Zheng Teacher Zheng doesnt want a female makeup artist.”

When everyone heard that, they understood immediately.

Be it the guests present or Shi Feng and the others, they all knew the problem with Zheng Xuexin.

Given how lustful he was, would he not want a female makeup artist

Thinking of how Shi Xiaoya suddenly came over just now, they knew that Zheng Xuexin had definitely been improper towards her.

Shi Feng then said, “Ill go, then.”

Lu Dongliu was very grateful to him and brought Shi Feng out.

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