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Chapter 1943: Warning

Zheng Xuexin then asked, “What is it If theres anything you want to say, just say it.

In front of me, you dont have to be so reserved.”

Liu Enxiao then said, “Then Ill just say it.

Teacher Zheng, dont take it against me.”

“Oh What is it Is it very serious” Zheng Xuexin thought to himself, it was just Liu Enxiao, what serious matter could there possibly be

“I noticed that… that you seemed to keep looking at Shi Xiaoya.

Are you interested in her” Liu Enxiao asked.

Zheng Xuexin raised his eyebrow.

Although he was still smiling, it was a very cold smile.

Liu Enxiao immediately added, “Youre single, and Shi Xiaoya is also single.

Its very normal for you to have feelings for a single lady.”

Zheng Xuexin smiled.

This Liu Enxiao knew how to talk.

Actually, he also knew that many in the industry probably knew how his real personality was like.

Seeing Liu Enxiao behave like this, it was not like she did not know either.

Also, Liu Enxiaos gaze was not sincere.

She had ambition.

He had been in the entertainment industry for so many years and still had this bit of ability to judge and discern people.

However, Liu Enxiao was a little smart.

She just said that he was a single man admiring a single woman, which was quite palatable.

Zheng Xuexins cold gaze faded, and Liu Enxiao then heaved a sigh of relief.

She boldly said, “But if you like Shi Xiaoya, then I would advise you, its better to observe her for a while more.”

“Why is that so” Zheng Xuexin asked as if he was curious.

“This Shi Xiaoya… is there any problem with her”

Liu Enxiao lowered her head and acted as if she felt conflicted.

She lifted her head after a while and said, “Teacher Zheng, as I am your fan and really like your shows and admire you, I dont want to hide it from you when I clearly know, lest you lose out.”

Zheng Xuexin was already quite annoyed, but he still suppressed it and appeared very patient as he said, “You can just say it, no worries.”

“Actually… Shi Xiaoya seems to have some relationship with Young Master Ling,” Liu Enxiao said.

“Young Master Ling”

“Yeah, Young Master Ling,” Liu Enxiao said.

“I saw it quite a few times.

She took the initiative to get close to Young Master Ling, and I dont know what methods she used, but Young Master Ling never seemed to tell her off before.

Looks like… I dont know if she and Young Master Ling…”

Liu Enxiao hemmed and hawed, but Zheng Xuexin already understood.

“Because in the past, when Young Master Ling came to participate in the show, I saw it with my own eyes.

When we were with the production team, many people saw it as well,” Liu Enxiao said.

“When I saw it that time, I was also very shocked.

I always thought that Shi Xiaoya was a very simple girl with high self-esteem, but I didnt expect that it was not because she had high self-esteem, she probably only despised those who did not have a high status.”

Zheng Xuexin scoffed.

Of course he would not believe Liu Enxiaos words just like that.

But if Liu Enxiao dared to ask him to seek verification from the other staff, it showed that she had that confidence.

It was clear that at least 80% of what she said was true.

“I got it.” Zheng Xuexin nodded.

“Thanks for your warning.”

This Liu Enxiao definitely had some conflict with Shi Xiaoya.

So his judgment was right earlier on.

Liu Enxiao was not some kind soul.

Just that her schemes seemed a little clumsy in front of him.

Zheng Xuexin naturally would go and find someone to verify that, but he could not possibly go and ask the staff himself.

That would be too obvious.

Although people in the industry knew he was lustful, they did not talk about it, so he still had to maintain his image at least.

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