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Chapter 1946: Really Know How to Think Too Highly of Himself

Zheng Xuexin laughed.

Liu Enxiao was smart though.

After all, that was a text.

Afraid that it would serve as evidence and be seen by other people, she did not directly say that she had already drawn Lu Dongliu away.

She just said that they went to eat together, that Lu Dongliu was not in the hotel.

In this way, Zheng Xuexin could do whatever he wanted.

Zheng Xuexin laughed slyly and went to Shi Xiaoyas room.

Shi Xiaoya and Guo Yujie were quite tired today.

And after being disgusted by Zheng Xuexin, they were in no mood as well.

Even if Liu Enxiao really asked her out to eat, she would also have declined, afraid that she would see Zheng Xuexin.

The two of them decided to order takeouts and just eat in the hotel room.

Right at that moment, the doorbell rang.

Guo Yujie felt it was strange.

“Is our order here It cant be.

Usually, the hotel doesnt allow food delivery upstairs.

They can only be in the lobby, no”

“I dont know.

Ill open the door and check,” Shi Xiaoya said.

She walked over and opened the door.

But Shi Xiaoya was still quite cautious, so she did not dare to open the door fully, just enough to see.

In the end, she saw Zheng Xuexin standing outside.

Shi Xiaoya immediately became wary.

Alas, this hotel did not have door bolts or the like to stop the door from opening fully.

Shi Xiaoya panicked and did not open the door fully still.

She just very patronizingly said, “Teacher Zheng, do you have something to ask me”

“Of course I have, thats why I came to find you.” Zheng Xuexin was not in a hurry to push the door and enter.

He just threw a glance at her and laughed as he said, “Youre so wary of me, huh.”

Shi Xiaoya casually came up with an excuse and said, “The room is a little messy, so its really not good to let you see.”

Zheng Xuexin scoffed in his heart, but on the surface, he said, “You dont need to be so cautious of me.

Actually, I came to apologize to you.

I scared you this morning.

My apologies.”

What else could Shi Xiaoya say She could only force out a reply and say, “Actually, I have already forgotten about it.

Sorry for troubling you to specially come over, Teacher Zheng.

Dont put it on your mind anymore.”

“Although I like beautiful women, I will never force them.” Zheng Xuexin disregarded Shi Xiaoyas message to chase him away and continued to say, “So since youre not willing, I wont do anything anymore.

You dont have to be so cautious towards me.”

Shi Xiaoya smiled awkwardly and said, “I understand.

Teacher Zheng, its getting late, you should rest earlier too.

We still have to wake up early tomorrow morning for the filming.”

Zheng Xuexin thought to himself that his attitude could be considered to be very nice already, but Shi Xiaoya still kept putting up airs and really thought that she was an important person.

Zheng Xuexin smiled and said, “Its not too late now, right Its like this, to show my sincerity and apologize, I want to treat you and your assistant to supper.

Miss Shi, I hope you can give me face and accept it.”

Shi Xiaoya said, “Unfortunately, I have already ordered takeouts with Yujie.

It will be here soon.

Teacher Zheng, I will treat you another day, when theres time.”

Zheng Xuexin gave a half-smile and said in a mocking tone, “Youre really being a downer now.

I just sincerely came here to patch things up with you.

Well just let bygones be bygones.

Anyway, Im not only treating you alone to a meal.

What are you scared of You will even bring your assistant along.

What can I do to you”

“Although I, Zheng Xuexin, am a playboy, Im not capable of that,” Zheng Xuexin said.

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

Haha, he really knows how to think highly of himself.

These gentlemanly words even gave her goosebumps.

“I am a womanizer, but I am not vulgar.

I wont do things like forcing myself on you when youre not willing.

Were all in the same industry and will have to meet each other afterward.

I wont be so desperate to this extent,” Zheng Xuexin said in a cold voice.

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