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Chapter 1966: Paid So Much Attention to Me

“There was a palace drama that had just finished filming.

Her parts in the drama had been completely cut out.

The director invited an actress to come in and save the show at the last minute, so her parts in the show were completely re-filmed.”

“With this female celebrity J, forget about these few television dramas, films, and variety shows.

She wont even be able to stay on in the entertainment industry anymore.

And the drama where she was playing the lead role has been shelved indefinitely.

Unless the production crew finds another female lead to re-shoot the whole drama, they would have filmed this drama for nothing.

You all can go and ask around.

Those dramas that she had already signed a contract to film for had already replaced her with someone else.

Those directors and producers are all cursing her to no end.”

Some netizen said, “Speaking of that, Jiang Yuhan really hasnt appeared for quite some time already.

She would send a few Weibo posts occasionally, but none of them mentioned that she was working.

We didnt see her on the hot search topics either.

It was as if she had been canceled by Weibo.”

“Tsk tsk.

How is this being canceled by Weibo She is being censored by the whole entertainment industry.”

Informant: “I see there are quite a few people in the discussions who have guessed correctly.

Those who still have their doubts, you can wait for a while more and see whether the shows that female celebrity J acted in or is about to act in have replaced her with someone else.”

These netizens still did not know that at this moment, when the informant finished sending out all these, the informant sent a message to Lu Man, saying, “Its all done.”

“Many thanks,” Lu Man replied.

Shi Xiaoya still did not know about these discussions online.

These were all because Han Zhuoling had asked Lu Man for help.

Han Zhuoling predicted very early on that once the third episodes show was aired, it would definitely garner a huge response from netizens.

Many people who did not know the truth or harbored ill intentions and just wanted to cause trouble would slander Shi Xiaoya black-heartedly.

They would say that the show was a hoax and that Shi Xiaoya got to go on the show through connections or back door methods.

Seeing the twos interactions in the show, there would definitely be some people whod say that Shi Xiaoya was shameless and had seduced him or something.

These things, Han Zhuoling had seen too much of, and he had expected them early on.

So when the filming for the third episode was completed, he immediately went to look for Lu Man.

Lu Mans acting skills were good, but her public relations capabilities were not lacking at all.

How could Han Zhuoling let Shi Xiaoya be hurt by this

He had long taken precautions for all these things.

Or else, he would not have done those actions in the show out of the blue.

Not long after, Shi Xiaoya saw herself in the underground palace.

“I didnt expect that when I first entered the underground palace, Id still remain quite calm.” Shi Xiaoya felt that at least when she had just stepped into the underground palace, her performance was still quite good.

“Look here.

When I was searching for clues, didnt I look quite cool”

Han Zhuoling nodded seriously.


You can adjust to the surroundings immediately and find that waist bag.

Thats really very cool.”

“Because I thought of you at that moment.” Shi Xiaoya looked up at Han Zhuoling and tilted her chin up slightly, even looking a little proud.

“I was thinking of the first episode when I was following and watching you from behind the camera.

This was how you looked like.

No matter where, as long as you reached a new place, you will carefully observe your surroundings and will definitely find something useful.

It was very likely that the clues would be nearby.”

Who knew what Han Zhuoling was thinking, but he was very happy.

He stared at her, his deep eyes revealing a hint of glee.

Shi Xiaoya felt it strange.

She was clearly the one who did well, so why was he so gleeful

She then heard Han Zhuoling say, “So during the first episode, you paid so much attention to me.”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

What could she even say

At that time, she really did not have other thoughts.

Of course, if she was following another guest, she probably would not have paid so much attention to them as she did to Han Zhuoling.

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