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Chapter 1975: Hello, Everyone, Im Shi Xiaoyas Boyfriend

Was Shi Xiaoya furious

Yes, she was.

Even if shed seen countless mean comments, shed still feel upset.

But Shi Xiaoya was worried about Han Zhuoling, seeing how he was angrier than she was, so she comforted him instead.

“Cant hold them responsible” Han Zhuoling sneered.

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

She forgot, this wasnt your average man.

Others might not be able to do anything to the netizens, but not Han Zhuoling.

He could find them even through the anonymity of the Net.

Among the commenters, some were fans of Han Zhuoling who roasted Shi Xiaoya.

Some of these fans loved their idols to the point they couldnt accept them dating or marrying other women.

Or they felt that no woman could match up to their idol.

Of course, there were many who were so imaginative and rooted in their delusions that they could envision a romantic adventure with their idol.

The people who flamed Shi Xiaoya mostly felt she was using Han Zhuolings fame to increase her own.

Han Zhuoling would ignore her for sure.

Even if Han Zhuoling already demonstrated it so clearly in the show, many refused to believe the truth.

They strongly believed it was just for show, and that Han Zhuoling merely cooperated with the production team.

Because the Han Corporation invested in the show, they had a vested interest in it, so Han Zhuoling also barely agreed to work with the production team to raise its popularity.

Shi Xiaoya was just lucky to manage to be linked to their idol.

Many went to Survivor‘s official Weibo account and Shi Xiaoyas to spam their opinions.

“Stop your couple-y nonsense! No matter how much hype you make, we wont believe it!”

“Have some dignity, will you, Shi Xiaoya Are you that desperate for a man”

“As long as you keep up with this couple sh*t, well keep making noise about it! Our Young Master Ling isnt a tool for you to use! How disgusting!”

Han Zhuolings fans far outnumbered Shi Xiaoyas.

And Shi Xiaoyas fans mostly came together because of cosmetics, or because of Shi Xiaoyas nice character, so her fans were a pretty mellow bunch as well.

They were slowly losing the battle against all the attacks of the nasty comments.

Han Zhuolings face darkened seeing these comments.

But he forced himself to cool down.

After thinking for a moment, he starting typing.

“Hello, everyone, Im Shi Xiaoyas boyfriend; please treat us well.

@Shi Xiaoya”—Han Zhuoling posted this simple sentence.

Without explaining further for those mean or questioning comments.

Because no matter how he explained, it would never match up to his more direct and effective admission.

His outright and simple announcement about his relationship with Shi Xiaoya should stop those mean netizens from shooting their mouths off again.

Nothings more effective than his indisputable words to rebuff them.

Indeed, the netizens instantly went into a frenzy.

“Godd*mn! Is it real or fake! Its just faked for hype, right!”

“What hype Does Han Zhuoling need more hype Shi Xiaoyas not even from the entertainment industry, so what does she need the hype for Even if the Han Corporation needed it, theyd do it for their best celebrities, not for Shi Xiaoya, whos an utter stranger.”

“Always fake and hype Hows everything faked Theyre normal human beings too, they fall in love as well, right Why would their relationship be faked”

“Some people just refuse to admit the truth.

But does that affect anything Even if Han Zhuolings not with Shi Xiaoya, he still wouldnt like you.”

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