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Chapter 1977: So Protective of Her

Han Zhuoling felt very wronged and said, “No wait, how can these people say it like this I dont have bad intentions.”

He was really afraid that Shi Xiaoya would think he was not being decent back then.

Right after that, Han Zhuoling opened Shi Xiaoyas discussions and found that netizen and replied, “Netizen, I need to say this seriously.

My follow and likes are done with a good heart and mentality.

My feelings for Xiaoya are also from a gentlemanly and polite place.”

After Han Zhuoling replied, that netizen almost went crazy.

“AHHHH! What did I just see! Young Master Ling actually replied to me!”

“The person above, please calm down.

I think he is afraid that Shi Xiaoya would misunderstand and think that he had ill designs on her back then.”

“I dont care.

Anyway, he replied to me!”

“Ever since he fell in love, Young Master Lings posting speed on Weibo has become much faster.”

Han Zhuoling was not done yet; he was very busy on his end.

He just went to the 8864 chat group and posted a link over with the caption: “Support it.”


That bunch of brothers rolled up their sleeves and got right into doing it.

They all opened their Weibo accounts and reshared Han Zhuolings and Shi Xiaoyas Weibo posts.

Wei Zhiqian: “Hello, Little Sister-in-law!”

“Lolol, Old Wei, you cant take advantage like this.

Later, Young Master Ling will hit you.”

Han Zhuoli: “Hello, Elder Sister-in-law.”

Lu Man: “Hello, Elder Sister-in-law.”

After that, Chu Zhaoyang, Qi Chengzhi, and the rest followed suit at once as if they were queuing up for it.

“With this line-up, would anyone still suspect that its just for show Can something thats just for show mobilize these people from the eight great families! These heirs from the eight great families are all here now!”

“Han Zhuoli and Lu Man already called her Elder Sister-in-law! Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya have probably been together for a period of time and had already received approval from the Han Family.”

“It must definitely have been a period of time already, because this show was pre-recorded.”

Han Zhuoling could finally put his heart at ease.

He felt that theyd accomplished a huge thing!

Those bad comments had also disappeared by a great margin with Han Zhuolings series of actions.

There was still that tiny portion of discordant voices, but they were negligible now.

There were some people who criticized things just for the sake of it.

They really had nothing better to do, and they even think that they were being very logical.

Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya were very happy on their end, but Xia Yixin was so angry that she felt as if her lungs were about to explode.

Han Zhuoling probably did not even think that Xia Yixin had been following him and Shi Xiaoyas matter all night long.

She saw the two of them declare their relationship publicly at the first instance.

Quite a number of netizens who were causing trouble in the midst of it were actually also the paid posters she had hired.

Otherwise, while there would surely be people who would be critical and some who would not believe it, how could there actually be so many such people

Xia Yixin felt really good when she saw Shi Xiaoya being bashed.

Yet not long after, she saw Han Zhuoli and Lu Man, as well as the people from the eight great families, standing up for her.

They spoke up all together.

It was such an impressive line-up—who would still doubt it

What kind of person would be able to cooperate with all the eight great families to put on a show

Now, even those who wanted to throw hate just for the sake of doing so might not even dare to think in that way.

The paid posters she had hired earlier on naturally became useless.

Xia Yixin watched as Han Zhuoling was being so protective over Shi Xiaoya.

He asked Chu Zhaoyang and all those people to come out.

Wasnt it just because he could not stand people talking bad about Shi Xiaoya

It was not okay even if it was just online.

He was so protective of her, and to this extent!

Xia Yixin was so enraged, gritting her teeth in rage!

What right did Shi Xiaoya have for him to be so protective of her!

Xia Yixin lowered her eyelids and burned her gaze into Shi Xiaoyas photo.


Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya both did not know that Xia Yixin had her eyes on them.

But Han Zhuoling did not care about it in the first place.

Hed announced his relationship with Shi Xiaoya in such a high-profile manner precisely because he wanted to let people know.

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