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Chapter 1978: Seems as If We Are Not Professional Enough

Xia Yixin would definitely be one of these people.

Just that Han Zhuoling had long forgotten about Xia Yixins presence.

To Han Zhuoling, she was just one person among a sea of passersby.

Even if she knew it, it would not matter.

From after the show ended to them announcing their relationship along the way, the two of them had been continuously refreshing the page for everyones well wishes.

The people in the production team already knew.

They wanted to see the effect after the show aired, and naturally, they also saw Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya announcing their relationship publicly, so they all sent their well wishes and congratulations over.

And at this moment, the various news sites also started to disseminate the news.

Reporters were awoken from their sleep by phone calls in the middle of the night, their hair in a mess, and they could not even open their eyes as they started to draft their press articles.

Han Zhuoling had suddenly announced it, which was different from how Han Zhuoli did it.

Han Zhuoli had announced it during the film festival first, the media reported about it, and then he posted it on Weibo.

There was some cooling off time in between.

And before officially announcing publicly that his wife was Lu Man, he had already mentioned on Weibo before that he had a girlfriend, and got engaged thereafter, and then got married.

He had already announced the biggest event of his life.

He just did not publicly reveal Lu Mans identity.

Afterward, when Lu Man was revealed, although everyone was shocked, much of the surprise had been experienced earlier on.

Though the surprise was still a huge one, they accepted it quite quickly as well.

Not like Han Zhuoling, who suddenly threw out such a heavyweight bomb.

He did not reveal any signs of it at all previously and did not reveal anything before.

Most importantly, the cold and arrogant image Han Zhuoling gave in front of other people was way too deeply etched in their minds.

They all felt that after his divorce, it would be quite unlikely for him to fall in love within at least one to a few years.

This person just did not have a face that looked like he knew how to date.

He was handsome, cold, and arrogant, yet because he was way too handsome and cold, it gave people the impression that he was difficult to get close to.

He would only be suited to be propped up on a high and mighty pedestal, to be admired by other people.

They did not dare to imagine that there would be a day when he would descend from his pedestal.

It was way beyond their imaginations.

No one had ever thought of that.

When he suddenly announced it in public, it naturally caught people off guard and gave a huge impact.

To the point that there were still many people who refused to accept this fact.

Aided by the popularity of the show Survivor, this news spread like wildfire with just a spark.

It remained on the headlines.

Besides the fact that the word “Breaking” was attached to it, it was in the middle of the night.

Weibo could not manage the server in time and this almost caused it to crash.

The technicians were awoken from their sleep and they rushed to the office to handle the situation at the last minute.

The media reporters all came out to send out their articles, afraid that they would be a step late and lag behind other media outlets, making them look unprofessional.

Nan Yin was no exception.

Nan Jingheng was in the 8864 chat.

When he received the news from Han Zhuoling just like everyone else, he was not any faster than the netizens.

Hence, the Editor-in-chief of Nan Yin Media quickly dragged his subordinates out from their beds for them to start writing news articles.

Because of this, the Editor-in-chief even especially complained to Nan Jingheng.

“CEO, you are not being nice like this! You and Young Master Ling are so close, how can you possibly not know about his relationship matters If you gave us a heads up in advance, even if Young Master Ling didnt want to announce it publicly previously, we could have written our news article drafts first.

Once Young Master Ling was willing to announce it, we could have directly published them.

How fast would that have been, and it would have saved quite a lot of trouble.

Look what time it is now, and it caught us off guard.

If we release the news late, wont it seem as if we are so unprofessional”

Nan Jingheng: “…”

But the problem was he did not know at all either!

“You cant blame me for this.

I also only learned about it five or six minutes earlier than you guys,” Nan Jingheng explained.

“Hes the one whos not being nice.

He even kept it from us bros.

You just wait, Ill call him and scold him.

You stop complaining too, just write it out quickly.”

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