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Chapter 1983: Arrangement

“Im done eating already,” Han Zhuoling said.

He did not eat much for breakfast to begin with either.

In the past, when he went to the company early in the morning, he would not eat breakfast at home.

He would just casually order breakfast.

It would just be a sandwich and a cup of coffee to save time.

It was after he got together with Shi Xiaoya that he slowly started to become normal.

At this moment, Chi Xingrui came and told Liu Enxiao, “Xiao Liu, you are assigned to do makeup for Teacher Zheng this morning.”

Liu Enxiao instantly felt resentful.

She did not even know if Zheng Xuexin succeeded and what the situation was like.

If she went on her own now, wouldnt she be courting her own death

“Assistant Director Chi,” Liu Enxiao said in a troubled voice, “Teacher Zheng… wont it not be too suitable if I go Didnt you have Shi Feng go and do makeup for him yesterday Shi Xiaoya was supposed to go at the start, but we all know why Shi Feng replaced her.

Wont I be in danger too if I go”

Chi Xingrui held it in and did not say that Zheng Xuexin had quite high expectations for looks as well.

Liu Enxiao, be it in figure or looks, did not fit any of Zheng Xuexins criteria.

Although he really could not stand a scumbag like Zheng Xuexin, he had to admit that Zheng Xuexin was lustful but did not lack any women.

He really would not be so easygoing to this extent.

“Shi Feng had been scolded really badly by Teacher Zheng yesterday.

He just went over to help out voluntarily in the first place yesterday.

We cant possibly ask him to go and be put in a tight spot again today,” Chi Xingrui said.

“Teacher Zheng is quite good-tempered towards ladies, so even if there was anything he was displeased with, he would not make things difficult for you.”

Liu Enxiaos face fell, and she looked so aggrieved as tears welled up in her eyes, like she was about to cry.

“Assistant Director Chi, arent you guys being a little too much right now Shi Xiaoya almost got taken advantage of by Zheng Xuexin yesterday.

Director Lu personally went to escort Shi Xiaoya out.

To protect her, he even especially had Shi Feng to go and replace her.”

“Given this, you all must be very clear about what the situation will be like with Teacher Zheng.

How can you all still ask me to go” As Liu Enxiao spoke, tears actually rolled down her eyes.

“Yes, I dont have any backers, and theres no one to stand up for me.

Whether I crawl or walk in this industry, I only have myself to rely on.

Even if I really got taken advantage of, no one would stand up for me either.”

“Could you all bully people just like that You all protect Shi Xiaoya, yet you push me into the flames” Liu Enxiao said in a low voice.

Chi Xingrui: “…”

“How could that be” Chi Xingrui recalled the things that Liu Enxiao did, so he would not be taken in by her acting now.

Chi Xingrui smiled lightly and said, “Dont make things sound so serious.

You are not the type that Teacher Zheng likes.

He wouldnt do anything to you.

The other makeup artists have already been confirmed and the guests do not want to change makeup artists either.”

“Dont worry.

If anything really happens, Director Lu will surely stand up for you,” Chi Xingrui said.

“And Young Master Ling is here.

Who would dare to cause trouble Its also because Young Master Ling is here, thats why we dare to send you over.

Its not like we will harm you.”

“How about this You go over and take a look first.

If anything really happens, we can stand up for you immediately.” After Chi Xingrui said that, he did not give Liu Enxiao a chance to speak anymore.

He hurriedly said, “I still have to attend to matters at the backend.

Ill stop here for now! Thank you so much for this matter, help us out!”

Chi Xingrui was almost leaving as he said that.

He waved at Liu Enxiao and quickly ran away.

Liu Enxiao was fuming with rage.

Dont think she did not know what Chi Xingrui meant by his words just now.

Wasnt he just saying that neither her figure nor her looks were good, so Zheng Xuexin would not take a liking to her and would not do anything to her

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