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Chapter 1986: Let Me Off

“Teacher… Teacher Zheng…” Liu Enxiao could not be bothered with the pain in her stomach.

She raised both hands and struggled with her hair.

Zheng Xuexin was pulling her long hair, pulling so hard that it felt as if her scalp was about to split open from the pain.

“Please… please let me off.” Liu Enxiao cried as she begged, “Please let me off!”

“B*tch!” How would Zheng Xuexin listen to her pleas “You useless thing, wanting to harm others but doing no good to yourself! You actually dared to scheme against me! Since you dared to scheme against me, you have to bear the consequences of failure!”

“If not for you, I wouldnt have offended Han Zhuoling!” Zheng Xuexin really felt regret churning in his guts.

“If you wanted to court your own death, why did you have to implicate me”

“You cant compare against anyone else yet still cant stand seeing others live well! You actually even dared to scheme against me!” Zheng Xuexin kicked her as he said that.

He grabbed her hair with his hand, but his legs did not stop kicking Liu Enxiao.

Liu Enxiao did not know how many of her bones had been broken from his kicks, but the pain was unbearable.

From her internal organs to her bones to her skin, every part of her was aching.

She cried and wailed, wanting to remove her hair from Zheng Xuexins grip.

But Assistant Lin also hated her guts, so he just held both of her hands at the side and prevented her from moving at all.

Hence, her whole face was exposed fully to Zheng Xuexin, and it got tragically beaten up by him.

“Dont you want to make a name for yourself You think all good things have already been taken by everyone else, you think youre not any worse than other people.

Why, with the same amount of effort, dont you have other peoples luck Isnt that what you think”

She simply felt that Shi Xiaoya was luckier than her, so she was jealous and wanted to ruin Shi Xiaoya.

But in fact, Shi Xiaoya had no competitive relationship with her.

Even so, she just could not stand to see others doing well.

She was not doing well, so she did not want others to do well either.

“Let me tell you—” Zheng Xuexin gripped her hair and pulled her upwards.

At the same time, he bent down and leaned in closer, staring at her crying until her face was mixed in a blur of tears and snot.

“From today onwards, you can forget about staying on in this industry!” Zheng Xuexin said.

“If I dont do well, you can forget about doing any better! Even if Han Zhuoling punishes me, even if I cant stay on in the entertainment industry from now on, at least I still have my connections.

Perhaps they might not come out upfront to support me or help me, but a small thing like canceling out an insignificant makeup artist like you, they will still be willing to give me this much face and do it.”

Liu Enxiaos hair was being grabbed and pulled by him, and it felt so painful as if her head was about to explode.

There was not an inch on her whole body that did not ache.

“Teacher Zheng, please spare me, I beg you,” Liu Enxiao said.

“Ill go and plead with Young Master Ling, Ill tell him this was all planned by me.

It was me who was jealous of Shi Xiaoya, so I wanted to harm both you and Shi Xiaoya.

All this has got nothing to do with you, it was all my schemes.”

“I will go and plead with Young Master Ling, he wont make things difficult for you.

I will suffer all the consequences myself!”

Liu Enxiao was completely dizzy and dazed from the beatings.

She was not thinking clearly at all.

She could not be bothered to think about other things now, as well as the consequences she would suffer at Han Zhuolings hands.

She only felt that no matter what Han Zhuoling did, he would not be as distasteful and immoral as Zheng Xuexin to hit a woman.

Seeing Liu Enxiaos badly battered face and hearing her say that, Zheng Xuexin knew exactly what she was thinking.

Actually, this woman was really not smart.

The fact that she could actually instigate him was incredible.

Zheng Xuexin scoffed.

“Why do you think you ended up in my hands today There are so many makeup artists in the production team, and there are three male makeup artists.”

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