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Chapter 2000: Can Wrap Around with One Arm

Wait for him to come back.

Come back to do what

Shi Xiaoya instantly got nervous again.

She decided to return to her own home first and bathe before coming back.

But as the stairway had not been installed, Shi Xiaoya could only use the lift.

She had just walked past the bathroom when she heard Han Zhuoling say from the inside, “The house card is placed on top of the cabinet at the entrance.

Dont forget to take it, or else you wont be able to come back later.”

Shi Xiaoya: “…”

The bathroom door was clearly tightly shut and the door was not transparent.

Han Zhuoling would not be able to see her at all from the inside.

Why did it feel as if he could read her mind and know what she was thinking of

“Oh, got it,” Shi Xiaoya replied.

When she left, she took the house card left on top of the cabinet.

After entering the lift, she then remembered that both of them each had the other persons house card with them.

She went back home and took a shower.

She then looked for her own pajamas and the clothes she needed to wear to work tomorrow.

Thinking about it now, installing a stairway was indeed more convenient.

In this way, at least she need not worry that she would bump into neighbors in her pajamas and feel awkward.

Anyway, it was her own home, so wearing pajamas up and down both floors was not a problem.

Shi Xiaoya instantly looked forward to it.

Worried that she might bump into neighbors, Shi Xiaoya especially changed into going-out clothes, then took her pajamas and the clothes she needed to wear tomorrow to go upstairs.

When she went up with her clothes, Han Zhuoling had already bathed.

He was fresh and clean, with the nice scent of body wash surrounding his body.

Yet he wasnt wearing comfortable home clothes but was in smart casual.

A shirt with long pants.

Seeing how formally he was dressed, Shi Xiaoya heaved a sigh of relief.

“Speaking of that, can the staircase be installed within a day tomorrow” Shi Xiaoya first hung the clothes that she needed to wear tomorrow into the cabinet.

Her movements were very natural.

Han Zhuoling had also stayed at her house previously, so she was already used to it.

From how habitual and natural she looked, it was as if the two of them had been living together for a long time and had developed chemistry early on.

Seeing that, Han Zhuoling was in high spirits.

“It can be done, rest assured,” Han Zhuoling said.

Before he was about to tease her again, Shi Xiaoya quickly said, “After the staircase is installed, it will be much more convenient.

I wont need to go through the lift again.

I can just put on my pajamas downstairs.

Right now, if I wore pajamas and met neighbors in the lift, it would be quite awkward.”

It was rare that for once, she was able to speak before Han Zhuoling could say anything.

It could be seen that this young lady was coming to understand him better and better.

She could even guess what his next step would be.

Although he was not able to say the words hed originally prepared to say because she cut him off, Han Zhuoling was in a rare good mood.

It was all because she understood him, that was why she would do that.

To be honest, there were not many people who would know what he wanted to say next before he even spoke.

Unless they were really close and understood him very well, how could they possibly achieve that

When Shi Xiaoya was hanging her clothes, Han Zhuoling walked towards her.

He wrapped one arm around her waist from the back.

Her waist was very thin.

He really only needed one arm to wrap around her waist.

He lifted his right hand.

He was long and lanky.

Even when standing behind Shi Xiaoya, his arms were still much longer when he extended out his elbows.

He just held her hand directly and hung the clothes properly.

The moment he leaned close to her, Shi Xiaoyas mind went blank.

When his hand held hers, she forgot how to move and fell into a daze.

Even after the clothes had been hung, Shi Xiaoya still kept her hand in a raised position in a nervous and stiff manner.

Until Han Zhuoling held her hand and took it back, resting it at the side of her leg.

His fingertips slowly trailed from the back of her hand, up to her wrist.

His palm also lightly circled around her elbow and inched up to her shoulder.

Han Zhuoling lowered his head and kissed her on the shoulder through her clothes.

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