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Chapter 2001: Are You Willing

Through her thin clothes, he planted a kiss on her skin, which could clearly sense the warmth from his lips.

Together with the burning heat from his palms assaulting her senses at once, it made her feel as if her whole body was being burned like firewood.

Even through her clothes, Han Zhuoling could clearly feel the curve of her collarbones.

How beautiful it was.

Han Zhuoling tilted his head slightly and saw that the exposed skin beside her shirt collar had turned pink.

Her skin was smooth and soft.

The pinkish hue it took on now also had a sweet scent, making Han Zhuoling feel a little restless.

His arms swiftly encircled her waist firmly.

Shi Xiaoya stiffened nervously, unable to relax at all in his arms.

Han Zhuoling sensed that, and his lips trailed from her shoulder to the edge of her collar.

Half of his lips was on her shirt.

The other half was already searing her skin without any obstruction.

That moist, soft, yet scalding feeling made Shi Xiaoya shudder uncontrollably.

“Relax,” he said in a gentle voice.

Shi Xiaoya was so nervous now that she could not say anything.

How could she even relax

Finally, his lips completely rested on the skin at the crook of her neck, without anything in between.

It was so soft, so sweet, it made him unable to control himself at all.

Even his kiss was a little more forceful than usual.

But Shi Xiaoya did not feel it was painful at all at this moment.

Han Zhuolings kiss trailed from her neck to her earlobe.

Finally, he turned her body around and hugged her tightly in his arms.

Shi Xiaoya was so nervous that she did not dare to look at him.

She lowered her eyes, her eyelashes trembling softly, her body turning pink from top to toe.

“Are you willing” Han Zhuoling asked in a hoarse voice.

He had never concealed his motive tonight and had made it clear without explicitly saying it.

Shi Xiaoya knew it very well too.

Hed bought the apartment above hers and wanted to connect both houses together.

This meant that they would be cohabiting, and it meant everything that would happen tonight.

From the moment she agreed, she had already thought very thoroughly about it.

Shi Xiaoya was so nervous that she could not say a word.

Even her breathing was heavy, as if there was a heavy weight on her chest.

She slowly nodded, trembling nervously.

But she knew that if she shook her head, Han Zhuoling would definitely stop too.

No matter how much he wanted it.

But she had already agreed to live together with him.

Agreeing to live together with him tonight meant that it would no longer be like previous times, when he only stayed over during the weekends.

Instead, they would completely be living together every day.

Every morning when she opened her eyes, she would be able to see him.

Since she had already agreed, there was nothing to be coy about anymore.

And, she wanted to belong to him too.

Early on at T City, shed already had that thought.

Just that, when the moment came, she could not help but feel nervous.

“Have you thought clearly about it” Han Zhuoling asked again.

Once again, he gave her a chance to change her mind.

Shi Xiaoya nodded silently again.

“Xiaoya.” Han Zhuoling sighed as he called her.

Shi Xiaoya did not look up, but her eyelashes trembled, as if it was the response she gave to him.

Han Zhuolings lips hovered right below her eyes, almost about to kiss her.

Even though in the end, he did not kiss her, she could still feel that scalding warmth clearly.

Shi Xiaoya swallowed nervously, waiting for what he would say next.

After a moment, she then heard him say, “I asked you twice and gave you two chances to reject me.

Theres no third time.

If you want to stop later, I might not be able to anymore.

My self-control could only take it these first two times.”

Shi Xiaoya was clearly so timid just now.

But at this moment, not knowing from where she summoned the courage, she actually grabbed the lapels of his shirt tightly with both hands.

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