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Chapter 2006: This Kind of Feeling Was Very New to Han Zhuoling Too

Shi Xiaoya thought about it.

The house represented Lin Liyes intention after all.

No matter what, they should not leave it there just like that.

Plus, she trusted Lin Liyes sincerity, and she trusted Han Zhuolings judgment as well.

Since she wanted to present the house as a gift, Li Liye had naturally thought about things in detail and presented the house very sincerely.

Add to that how Han Zhuoling was also felt very pleased with it.

She trusted Lin Liyes sincerity, and similarly, she trusted Han Zhuolings judgment.

She could not let Lin Liyes sincerity go to waste.

Although Shi Xiaoya just answered Han Zhuoling like that, in fact, she had already made up her mind to stay in that home.

Meanwhile, this place had been gifted by her family to her, to make it more convenient for her while she worked.

She did not intend to stay here for the rest of her life.

She and Han Zhuoling have officially started cohabiting now.

As this was still two apartments, after all, they decided to connect the two floors tomorrow.

But if the two of them lived here, it would not be possible for them to renovate the entire place properly.

They could only redesign it based on the existing condition and try their best to fit the two together.

But it was ultimately not a home that the two of them had designed together right from the start.

Hence, it was fine if they could stay here for the time being.

It would also be fine to really treat it as their marital home, but theyd first need to redesign the layout of the house all over again.

So, in Shi Xiaoyas eyes, it was better to just go and live in the house that Lin Liye was gifting to them.

She and Han Zhuoling could redesign it, and Lin Liye would also be happy as the person who gifted it to them if she knew they liked it.

But Shi Xiaoya did not tell Han Zhuoling about this for now.

Or else, she would have to be teased by him again.

Shi Xiaoya was also not sleepy.

She absolutely loved hearing Han Zhuolings voice.

The two of them then continued chatting about random things.

This kind of feeling was very new to Han Zhuoling too.

This was the first time he discovered that being in such a quiet room talking to his other half about daily shenanigans and about their own views, as well as talking about their families…

This kind of feeling was unexpectedly good.

It was so heartwarming, and it also made his heart quieten down.

In the end, Han Zhuoling was still worried that Shi Xiaoya would not have enough energy to work the next day, so he ended the conversation.

But thinking about it carefully, besides talking about Lin Liye gifting a villa to them at the start, the topics they talked about afterward were all quite random and had no overarching theme to them.

Actually, they were quite pointless as well.

Even so, for some reason, they had endless things to say to each other.

Even if those words really had no value…

Han Zhuoling thought about it.

Given his personality, he would totally not say such things.

If it had no value, was pointless, and, upon further thought, was a waste of time, even if he only heard other people saying such things, he would still find it ridiculous.

But now, he actually spoke these very words himself.

And he did not think there was anything bad about that.

He fell asleep with a smile on his face.


The next day, Han Zhuoling woke up early out of habit.

He was used to waking up at 5 AM, jogging for the next half an hour, and leaving for work at 5:30 AM.

At this timing, there were very few cars on the road and there would be no traffic jam.

So, under normal circumstances, he would be able to reach the office by 6 AM.

He would then start eating a simple sandwich, drink a cup of coffee, and start a day of work.

Before he got together with Shi Xiaoya, that was how his mornings went.

At night, he would work until very late hours as well.

But after getting together with Shi Xiaoya, while he still spent his mornings the same way, he would clock out on the dot in the evening.

Unless there was a business gathering he could not decline, he would not work overtime.

In the past, when he worked overtime, it was not because he had to entertain business gatherings either.

He only settled some extra work.

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