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Chapter 2007: When She Saw Him, Her Eyes Lit Up

And depending on the situation, sometimes, he would need to plan for some matters in advance.

But now, he would make use of every second of his time, unlike in the past where he did not leave personal time for himself to rest.

Even though last night was quite tiring and he slept quite late, Han Zhuoling still woke up at 5 AM sharp out of habit.

But this time, it was slightly different from before.

When he woke up, Shi Xiaoya was still asleep and did not look like she was going to wake up any time soon.

She was not awakened by his actions either.

It was evident that she had been really tired out.

They just came back after a whole day and her first experience took place that night.

Yes, she was in quite high spirits last night and even chatted for so long with him.

But the truth was, her stamina really could not sustain her.

She was just riding on that excitement, but her stamina was already gone.

Hence, when the two of them really decided to sleep, Shi Xiaoya fell almost right into a deep sleep the moment she closed her eyes.

Until now, when Han Zhuoling moved, Shi Xiaoya still did not wake up.

Usually, Shi Xiaoya would have noticed long ago.

Han Zhuoling stared at her sleeping face.

Thankfully, it was still early right now.

And she was not in a rush to wake up.

He very gently got up.

He also wanted to kiss her at first but was scared that he would wake her up.

So he could only endure it.

He could only glower at her dewy little face.

She slept like this for the whole night without taking any precautions, making her look indescribably delicate and innocent.

She was lying on her side, the pillow inevitably squishing one side of her cheek, yet the sight was not ugly.

She actually looked chubby and cute.

Perhaps because shed experienced her first last night or because shed had such a good sleep the entire night, but her face was also flushed pink.

Her lips were also slightly parted because she was sleeping too well.

She really looked like a little piglet that had passed out sleeping.

Of course, a piglet did not look as beautiful as she did.

Han Zhuolings mind had all kinds of nonsensical thoughts.

He got up and washed up, but he did not change into going-out clothes.

He just opened the food delivery app and ordered breakfast.

Shi Xiaoya was right.

He really could not cook.

He did not even know how to cook the simplest instant noodles.

If he was to cook breakfast now, though he did have the heart, he simply did not know how to do it.

It was rare that Han Zhuoling, who still woke up at his usual time, did not go for a jog and then go to work as he did usually.

He just stayed at home and waited for the food delivery to come.

After around an hour, the food delivery arrived.

This timing was way too early.

The breakfast shops that were open were mostly small stalls or shops, but they did not offer food delivery service.

Han Zhuoling did not have many choices and could only choose from a few 24-hour shops, which were quite some distance away, so the delivery was slightly slower as well.

Luckily, the heat insulation was not bad, and the food was still hot when it was delivered.

Han Zhuoling went downstairs to collect the food.

He put it in the kitchen and went to the bedroom.

The moment he went in, he saw that Shi Xiaoya was already awake.

She was sitting upright, staring blankly, and looking dazed on the whole.

As if she had just woke up and had not yet recalled where she was at currently.

She opened her eyes and saw this unfamiliar environment, so she was a little confused.

Han Zhuoling then walked right over to her and, amid Shi Xiaoyas dazedness, bent over and kissed her on the lips.

At that moment, Shi Xiaoya immediately regained her senses.

She immediately looked up.

Seeing Han Zhuoling, her eyes lit up brightly.

This change was way too obvious.

Han Zhuoling watched as her expression changed from blankness before she saw him to shining radiantly the moment she did.

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