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Chapter 2013: Regret


Han Zhuoling walked all the way to the office.

Tong Chunian, with huge dark eye circles, said, “Young Master Ling, why did you come so late today”

Han Zhuoling was stunned for a moment, as if he forgot about this.

“I forgot to tell you, you can just report to work on time.” Han Zhuoling thought about it and said, “From now on, you can just come to work on time.

You dont need to come early.

If you need to come early, I will let you know beforehand.”


When Han Zhuoling entered his office, Tong Chunian felt so touched that hot tears welled up in his eyes.

Han Zhuoling had never been so considerate when he was married in the past.

Now that he was dating, he actually changed his mindset.

Tong Chunian thought that Han Zhuoling would take a rest like this only occasionally.

He did not expect that from next time onwards, he would switch to going to and getting off of work on time!

Thank you, Shi Xiaoya!

The power of love was still much greater.

On the way here, Han Zhuoling had already personally contacted the renovation team he hired.

The staircase was wooden and had been prepared long ago.

Only the drilling of the walls was left.

If it was successful, when he and Shi Xiaoya got off from work and got home, it should have already been finished.

“Oh right, tell Xiao Zhang to go to my house.” Han Zhuoling came out and said to Tong Chunian, “The construction team will go and install the staircase today.

Tell Xiao Zhang to go and supervise it.

When theyre done, ask the Auntie to go to the house to clean up the place.”

“Okay.” Tong Chunian immediately contacted Xiao Zhang.


After working busily for the whole morning, Shi Xiaoya settled some work that she did not have time to do last Friday.

In this way, when she went to the Han Corporation in the afternoon, she would not need to go back to the office again.

She could just stay there and clock out together with Han Zhuoling.

When it was lunchtime, she and Guo Yujie went to a restaurant near their workplace to eat.

The two of them did not like being stared at by passersby when they were eating, but they did not need to book a private room just for themselves, so they chose a corner seat.

After having lunch, Shi Xiaoya called the waiter for the bill.

Unexpectedly, the waiter said, “The bill for you two has been paid by a lady.”

A lady

Shi Xiaoya felt it was strange.

“May I know who it was” Shi Xiaoya asked.

If it was a man, she might still guess that it was Han Zhuoling or Qin Zigou.

Qin Zigou did not go to the studio these last few days.

He had gone overseas to participate in a competition.

But he should be coming back soon.

Things like settling her bill were something that Qin Zigou would actually do.

Sometimes, whenever Shi Nancang suddenly came to her workplace, he would also do such things.

But if it was a lady, Shi Xiaoya really could not think of who it was.

Her mom would definitely not come to her workplace.

Just as she was feeling weirded out, the waiter pointed to a nearby spot and said, “Its that lady.”

Shi Xiaoya followed the waiters gesture to look and was stunned.

The other party was walking over.

It was actually Xia Yixin!

Guo Yujie also looked over and instantly frowned.

“Why is she here What does she want”

Before Xia Yixin reached them, Guo Yujie prompted Shi Xiaoya in a low voice, “Should we call Young Master Ling”

“So that shed get a chance to meet Zhuoling I dont want that,” Shi Xiaoya replied in a low voice.

“When she had just divorced him, she went around telling people how badly Zhuoling had treated her.

Afterward, when the saga died down, she stopped talking about it.

“I thought she got tired of it and so did other people.

There were only so many things to talk about, and saying the same things over and over again was quite pointless,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“But the moment I and Zhuoling announced our relationship, she came to look for me.

I actually think that she is not tired of talking bad about Zhuoling.

She is regretting it.”

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