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Chapter 2017: Preemptive Strike

Xia Yixin was fuming and in pain.

Who knew whether it was because of the pain or anger, but her whole body was shaking.

Shi Xiaoyas preemptive strike had prevented Xia Yixin from splashing the cooled-down tea completely.

Hence, Shi Xiaoya was completely fine.

Only Xia Yixin had been scalded until she was shaking, and the pain made her stomp her feet incessantly on the spot.

“AHHHH!” Xia Yixin shrieked piercingly.

She lifted her arms shakily, wanting to touch her face, yet the moment she touched her face, the pain felt unbearable.

It was a burning, searing pain.

Since such a huge commotion was happening, the restaurants manager and staff all rushed over.

Xia Yixin screamed in agony, “Shi Xiaoya, you b*tch!”

Shi Xiaoya scoffed mockingly with a cold gaze.

Seeing that the restaurant manager and staff had come over, Shi Xiaoya said to them, “Im sorry for causing such a huge commotion in your restaurant and disturbing the other customers having their meal here.

Ill leave right now.”

After saying that, Shi Xiaoya left.

The restaurant manager and staff actually did not react in time and did not ask Shi Xiaoya to stay.

Xia Yixin wanted to stay and even wanted to sue her.

But she was in so much pain right now, as if the searing pain was burning right in her heart.

Even when her tears streamed down her cheeks, the pain she felt seared right into her heart.

She used all her strength to wail out loud right now, and she could not be bothered to make Shi Xiaoya stay.

After Xia Yixin had been sent to the hospital, treated with burn medication, and was in a slightly better state, she then remembered about this.

But these were all talk for later.

Shi Xiaoya left the wailing Xia Yixin behind and exited the restaurant.

Guo Yujie had been waiting for her outside the restaurant all along.

Through the windows, she could also see the situation inside.

The moment Shi Xiaoya came out, Guo Yujie raised her thumb at Shi Xiaoya and said, “Xiaoya, youre good!”

Shi Xiaoya turned back and glanced at the mess inside before bringing Guo Yujie to leave with her.

There had been so many people backing her up since she was young, and now, she even had Han Zhuoling to back her up too.

If she could still be easily bullied by others, then she would be letting down her family and friends, and Han Zhuolings love for her.

She went back to the studio.

Shi Xiaoya had not wanted to go to the Han Corporation so early at first.

Yet she actually met Xia Yixin at lunch.

Hence, she left earlier.

She went to the Han Corporation, but she did not tell Han Zhuoling in advance.

Luckily, the way Han Zhuoling announced his relationship was quite high profile.

Most of the employees in the Han Corporation recognized Shi Xiaoya to begin with.

Now, all the more they knew her as Han Zhuolings girlfriend.

So when Shi Xiaoya came, nobody stopped her.

However, everyone would inevitably follow Shi Xiaoya with curious and gossipy looks.

These looks were not malicious, so Shi Xiaoya did not really mind them.

She still felt a little uneasy being stared at though, so she quickly entered the lift while blushing.

Alas, there were quite a lot of people in the lift too.

Shi Xiaoya started to regret it.

If shed known this earlier, she would have told Han Zhuoling and just took the direct lift up, so she would not need to feel so awkward.

She smiled and greeted the people in the lift.

Most of them were people she had met in the past, so she casually chatted with them.

Some brave people just said directly, “Xiaoya, when can we start calling you Mrs.


Shi Xiaoyas face blushed furiously red.

“Dont tease me.”

Luckily, the lift was quite fast, so the people quickly reached their respective floors and exited the lift.

Shi Xiaoya was finally the only one left, and she finally heaved a sigh of relief.

When she reached the 28th floor, Shi Xiaoya walked out of the lift.

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