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Chapter 2019: This Way of Thinking Is Very Good

She said it so suddenly and randomly, even Han Zhuoling was a little confused hearing it.

“What has Tong Chunian got to do with Xia Yixin” Han Zhuoling asked, feeling confused.

“What can he have anything to do with Xia Yixin” Shi Xiaoya said angrily.

“Isnt it all because of you!”

Han Zhuoling felt really wronged.

Since their divorce, he had never seen Xia Yixin again.

Oh, he did once.

That was when they went to sign the divorce papers, where both of them had to be present.

But that was just once!

But seeing Shi Xiaoya being jealous was way too fun to watch.

As she was jealous, it made Han Zhuoling feel really sweet inside.

But he still hurriedly explained, “I dont have anything to do with her at all.

I never saw her again.”

As he said that, Han Zhuoling suddenly stopped and his gaze turned stern and sharp.

“She came to find you”

How quickly Han Zhuolings brain worked it out.

Shi Xiaoya was still fine previously and never got jealous of Xia Yixin before.

Shi Xiaoya made it clear that she did not mind his first marriage.

Xia Yixin was a no-good person in her eyes, so why would she be jealous of her

Hence, Han Zhuoling immediately thought of it, that Xia Yixin might have gone to find trouble with Shi Xiaoya.

Shi Xiaoya gave him a cold glance.

Its true that she really did not mind, and she had said as much to Xia Yixin as well.

But she had to let this man know that even though she did not mind his past, she minded his ex-wife a lot!

“Seeing how she was like, I think she wants to patch things up with you.” Shi Xiaoya scoffed after saying that.

After saying that, she no longer talked in circles and just explained briefly, “During lunch today, Yujie and I went to eat at a restaurant near our company.

When we were done eating and about to pay the bill, the waiter told us that someone had already paid the bill for us.

When we looked, it was Xia Yixin whod paid the bill.

“Anyway, I dont want to eat a meal treated by her.” Shi Xiaoya lifted her chin a little and even felt a little proud as she said, “If I am to be treated to a meal, I want my man to do it.

Returning the money to her should not be done by me.

You help me return it to her.”

Let Xia Yixin know that Han Zhuoling knows about this.

And that he wanted to help his girlfriend draw a clear line between him and Xia Yixin.

The money Xia Yixin used to treat Shi Xiaoya was actually to be returned by Han Zhuoling.

It would clearly show that Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya were one.

His girlfriends matter was his matter, and he would come out to settle it.

In this way, Xia Yixin would burst from anger!

And she wanted to get Tong Chunian to contact Xia Yixin, to prevent Xia Yixin from having any chance to pester Han Zhuoling.

Although Shi Xiaoya was certain that Han Zhuoling would not give Xia Yixin a chance, being pestered like that was quite disgusting too.

When Han Zhuoling heard that, he could not help but smile.

How was this little girl so much fun

This way of thinking was very good!

She was completely establishing that she was a part of his family.

That thing shed said just now.

If I am to be treated to a meal, I want my man to do it.

Returning the money to her should not be done by me.

You help me return it to her.

Those words were so domineering, and hearing them felt so good!

Han Zhuoling still had many questions to ask Shi Xiaoya, but he decided to settle this matter first.

He dialed Tong Chunians internal line and told Tong Chunian about this matter.

“How much was that meal” Han Zhuoling asked Shi Xiaoya.

Shi Xiaoya frowned and tried to think.

She had not paid close attention.

But she could roughly remember the prices of the dishes when she ordered them and said, “Yujie and I didnt eat much, so its probably around two or three hundred yuan.”

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