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Chapter 2032: What She Had Were Ways to Deal with Shi Xiaoya

“Youre saying all this without proof, so you should stop blaming it on our restaurant.”

“When did I want to blame your restaurant I just want evidence, but your restaurant actually destroyed it! What benefits did Shi Xiaoya give you!” Xia Yixin shouted angrily.

“If you continue being so unreasonable, we will have to call the police.” The store manager emphasized the word “we.”

It reminded Xia Yixin that if she continued causing a ruckus like that, it would no longer be about whether she wanted to call the police or not.

Their restaurant would call the police on their own.

“Are you using the police to scare me” Xia Yixin laughed coldly and said, “Perfect.

Then I can tell the police all about what happened in your store.

I dont need to go out of my way to call the police.”

For those who operated restaurants, what kind of weird things have they not seen before

The store manager had dealt with so many different kinds of people before, and he was really not afraid of Xia Yixins threat.

He smiled without minding it at all.

“Suit yourself.

Anyway, the situation you described didnt happen in our store, it just didnt.”

“You—” Xia Yixin was just threatening him verbally.

If she really called the police, what could she still say

The store did not have the surveillance camera recordings, and the members of staff that were around that day were not present either.

Although the reasons were ridiculous, they were bent on insisting on that, so there was no way to rebut no matter how ridiculous it sounded.

Was she supposed to find the customers who ate here that day and at that time

The world was so big.

How was she supposed to look for them

So for this matter, she could only suffer in silence!

Xia Yixin had caused a fuss so boldly just then, but these were all just a front.

Now, she left in dejection and humiliation.

How would she have any face left

When she came out of the restaurant, Xia Yixin was fuming.

But when she slowly calmed down, she realized, could Shi Xiaoya have such a great ability

Things like destroying evidence were a serious crime, to put it more strictly.

It was one thing for the restaurant to want to avoid trouble, but they had to weigh the pros and cons too and choose the method most advantageous to them.

By right, giving the evidence to her would actually be the best for the restaurant.

Anyway, the restaurant did not have to be responsible for this.

But it was the complete opposite.

The restaurant chose the riskiest path.

If no one gave them benefits, they would definitely not do such a thing.

And merely giving benefits was not enough, there had to be some promise of sorts.

Xia Yixin did not believe that someone like Shi Xiaoya could do all of this.

But what she did not want to admit even more was that Han Zhuoling had stepped up to protect Shi Xiaoya.

Shi Xiaoya did not deserve it!

When did Han Zhuoling become so considerate and protective of women!

Shi Xiaoya was being treated preciously by Han Zhuoling time and again.

Even she as his ex-wife had never enjoyed such treatment!

She had never been protected by Han Zhuoling to such an extent before!

Xia Yixin wanted to take revenge on Shi Xiaoya, yet she got pent up with anger all by herself.

“Hah!” Xia Yixin scoffed.

What she had were ways to deal with Shi Xiaoya!


In the blink of an eye, it was the 100-day baby shower for little Wang Yijun.

Although Little Yijuns family name was clearly Wang, Wang Juhuai never invited anyone from his family to come.

Aside from Wang Jugus family, Wang Juhuai also did not invite Wang Taihong and Lu Wenqing, who had just been sent away by him not long ago.

Why would he call them back

The character of those two people, Wang Juhuai only knew too well.

They were simply not the kind who would change their personalities just because of a few words from him.

As the saying went, a leopard never changes its spots.

Their personalities had remained constant for decades.

How could they change within this short period of a hundred days

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