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Chapter 2035: Not Doing Well Herself, and Cant Stand It When Others Do Well

Du Yiqin gave a half-smile and said, “Its mainly because we still need to rush out to buy things.

We have many things to do today, so we really cant afford any delays.”

“Okay, okay, you both go ahead,” Mrs.

Zheng said.

Shi Xiaoya and Du Yiqin got into the car.

Only then did Shi Xiaoya frown and say, “Does Mrs.

Zheng ask around about other peoples family matters all the time”


She has no other hobby and just likes to ask around about the family matters of the neighbors.

The neighbors around us have all been gossiped on by her before.” The mention of it made Du Yiqin annoyed.

“Her children are incompetent.

Her son is the classic second-generation rich kid who has nothing to his name and only knows how to squander his familys wealth.

Her daughter previously only knew to squander her family wealth, but a few days ago, she became bent on becoming an influencer for some reason.

“Anyway, theres no one in her family whos competent, so she just hopes that other peoples children would not do well either, and she thinks it would be better if something happened to them.

The best would be if they ended up worse than her own children.” Du Yiqin scoffed.

“Shes the classic example of someone whos not doing well herself and cant stand it when others do well.”

“Having her watch us all the time like this is quite annoying too, even more annoying than the paparazzi,” Shi Xiaoya said.

“I think shes only a step away from leaning on our house window all day and watching what our family does in our daily lives.”

This was really quite interesting.

Occasionally, gossiping about other peoples family matters happened.

If something happened to someones family, it would become the leisure talk of other people, and it is a hobby every family would have.

It had nothing to do with the social circle you were in.

At most, the average folk would just talk about minor things like whose child got married within the neighborhood or whose familys mother and daughter-in-law did not get along well.

Du Yiqins family themselves usually talked about whose children were wastrels, whose children gambled all their money away and whose childrens company suffered losses, whose children went to host some party for models, and the like.

Everyone had their own interests, so, naturally, the things they talked about would be different, but most of them would gossip about something.

But it was not to the extreme like Mrs.


Other people gossiped about other peoples family affairs, but that was in secret.

No one would be like Mrs.

Zheng who openly asked the person involved right in front of her face.

Although Mrs.

Zhengs suspicions were false, it did not mean they would not mind.

“Mom, have you thought of moving house” Shi Xiaoya asked.

Or else, with a Mrs.

Zheng spying on them at the side, it would be really worrying.

Du Yiqin nodded.

“I discussed this with your dad long ago.

We went to see a villa a few days ago, and its not bad.

Its just that we dont like the interior design that comes with the villa, so we plan to renovate it completely.

“We had already paid the deposit.

When the paperwork is all done, we can start renovating.

I think we can move in in the latter half of the year,” Du Yiqin explained.

“You are with Zhuoling, so there will be times when he comes over.

That Mrs.

Zheng keeps stretching her neck over to watch us all the time, and that wont do.

Anyway, Zhuoling is too eye-catching.

People would be especially interested in his affairs.

“What if there were really reporters or paparazzi that came and Mrs.

Zheng spouted some nonsense to them” Du Yiqin pursed her lips and said, “That Mrs.

Zheng just cant wait to cause trouble.

She doesnt only like to gossip—when she spreads gossip, she also likes to exaggerate and add some of her own imaginings into it.

The gossip she spreads is 30% true and 70% false.

Few people like to talk to her in this neighborhood.

“Those sisters that shes friends with are naturally all like her,” Du Yiqin said in a low voice.

She did not like them.

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