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Chapter 2036: Blowing It Out of Proportion

There was one time when Mrs.

Zhengs close sisters came to Mrs.

Zhengs house to play mahjong.

Du Yiqin bumped into them before.


Zheng would naturally introduce her to her close sisters, and those close sisters of hers were very gossipy and nosey, all keen on finding some gossip to talk about.

They probably had a field day gossiping about other people when they were playing mahjong as well.

To prevent disturbance in her life, and to prevent them from spouting nonsense about Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya, Du Yiqin and Shi Guanzhong had discussed the matter and decided to move house.

The chauffeur started the car and drove away with them in it.


Zheng originally wanted to go out to play mahjong, but when she heard that Shi Xiaoyas boyfriend would be coming, she decided not to leave anymore.

She still remembered that Du Yiqin said that Shi Xiaoyas boyfriend was Han Zhuoling.

Han Zhuoling and Shi Xiaoya had announced their relationship on Weibo, but Mrs.

Zheng did not use Weibo.

She did not have any followers, so using Weibo would be a solo game for her.

Hence, she was not willing to play around with it either.

That was why such a gossipmonger like her actually really did not know about Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling being together.

At this moment, she then called her other three close sisters.

“Im not going to play mahjong today, I have something on.”


“Aye, Im not ditching you guys on purpose.

The neighbor beside me, her daughter found a boyfriend.

Im curious and want to see what her boyfriend looks like,” Mrs.

Zheng said.

“Dont you guys think its ridiculous That madam next door to my house actually said that her daughters boyfriend is Han Zhuoling.”


Zheng laughed scornfully.

“She just loves to show off how outstanding her daughter is usually, saying that her daughter is accomplished in her career and did not worry her family.

Whod have thought shed start blowing things out of proportion and would even dare to drag Han Zhuoling into this.

“I even met the mother and daughter pair outside just now.

They said her boyfriend will be coming today, so I want to stay at home.

I want to see whether it is Han Zhuoling or not,” Mrs.

Zheng said.

“Yo, Han Zhuoling is indeed in love, but I forgot what that womans name is,” one of the close sisters said.

“It might really just be that neighbor of yours daughter.”

Although that close sister said that, her tone was dripping with sarcasm.

Clearly, she did not quite believe it herself.

Or else, how could she become Mrs.

Zhengs close sister

They were all the same type.

That was why they could hit it off with each other.

“I will know when he comes.” Mrs.

Zheng did not believe it.

“Oh, right, you can search online.

Han Zhuoling publicly announced his relationship.

If you search, its all over the news.

Didnt you see it” the close sister asked.

“I really didnt.

I just follow a few public accounts that talk about insider news in the entertainment industry.

Im not interested in whos dating who.

Who knows whether they are just making it up for the popularity” Mrs.

Zheng said.

“This time, Han Zhuoling announced it himself.

It wont be fake, and that would not be necessary for him to do,” the close sister said.

“Alright, Ill search it up,” Mrs.

Zheng said.

“Aye! Lets all go to your place too, to join in the fun,” the close sister said.

“What if its really Han Zhuoling! We can go and take a look too.

We havent actually seen Han Zhuoling in person before.”

“Sure, you guys can come.” Mrs.

Zheng laughed as she said that.

After hanging up, she started using her phone to search up news on Han Zhuoling.

Indeed, the moment she entered the three words “Han Zhuoling” into the search bar, a string of words that were smart searches popped up instantly.

“Han Zhuoling publicly announces his relationship”

“Han Zhuoling Shi Xiaoya”

“Han Zhuolings girlfriend, Shi Xiaoya”

“Han Zhuoling Survivor”

And many other news related to Han Zhuoling.

But because their relationship was the most popular topic right now, they were placed at the top three searches.

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