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Chapter 2041: You Had Better Spit It All Out

After all, they did accept money from this woman, that was why they let her in.

When this middle-aged woman heard Guo Yujie speak, she immediately said, “What nonsense are you spouting, you little b*tch! Whos the person of unknown background here!

“Shi Xiaoya is the indecent person here!” The middle-aged woman pointed at Shi Xiaoya and said, “If you all work under this kind of indecent vixen, you wont learn anything good! Later, other people will think that you also learned vixen tricks from her to become a mistress and destroy other peoples families!”

But who would believe her words

Shi Xiaoyas boyfriend was Han Zhuoling.

This middle-aged woman, being with Han Zhuoling


And the staff in the work studio all knew Shi Xiaoya well.

No one would believe this middle-aged womans words.

But they could not stop her from saying such things.

The middle-aged woman had caused a ruckus all the way up here.

She stopped at every floor once and came out to shout, “Shi Xiaoya, you mistress, get the hell out of here!”

She then went up the next level and continued shouting.

She just went up and shouted like this all the way.

The size of the companies in this office building was not very big.

The biggest company occupied at most three floors.

Aside from that, it was mostly one company per floor.

Hence, all those people from the different companies had heard this middle-aged womans words.

They seized the chance when they didnt have much work on hand to come up and watch the show.

At this moment, quite a number of employees from other companies had gathered outside the entrance to the work studio.

That was why the security officers had to struggle to squeeze in.

The employees in Shi Xiaoyas work studio were not going to believe this middle-aged womans words.

But they could not stop those people from other companies, who liked to watch drama unfold, from making wild guesses about the situation since it did not concern themselves.

They actually felt that Shi Xiaoya only recently got together with Han Zhuoling.

Before that, it would not be impossible for her to have been together with a married man.

They could not judge a book by its cover.

And they also felt that, given how Shi Xiaoya could defeat so many seniors at such a young age and achieve the results she had today, and even having been Liu Jingpings student before…

It was impossible if she did not have any connections at all.

But she was very young and did not have much of a background.

Where could her connections come from

She must have definitely used some means to get them.

So, the things that this middle-aged woman said might not be entirely implausible.

Shi Xiaoyas face hardened as she said coldly, “Madam, I dont know you at all, much less your husband.

I have a boyfriend myself.

With my boyfriend as a comparison, I really wont take a liking to the average man.

I dont know how outstanding your husband is for him to be even better than my boyfriend, such that I will take a liking to him.”

“I know, your current boyfriend is Han Zhuoling, right! Big Boss, Rich Young Master, what a famous man! If not for the news, I wouldnt have been able to find you here.

You havent been together with Han Zhuoling for long either.

You and my husbands affair was a thing in the past,” the middle-aged woman shouted loudly.

“No wonder you didnt really come and pester my husband anymore afterward.

So its because you found an even more impressive one.” The middle-aged woman exclaimed loudly, “Dont think that just because you gradually stopped contacting my husband, I wont come and settle scores with you here! You spent so much of my husbands money before.

You had better spit it all out now!”

The middle-aged woman wagged her finger accusingly in the air and said, “Even this work studio, my husband was the one who invested money for you to set it up!”

The people who came over from other companies to watch from the sidelines instantly felt “enlightened.”

That was what they had said.

Shi Xiaoya was so young yet could already come out and open a work studio on her own long ago.

As much as her makeup skills were outstanding…

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