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Seeing Wu Lize walk off with a bad expression, Ye Xiaoxing\'s heart was at unrest and could not calm down.

When Lu Man Following closely behind Wu Lize, Lu Man slowly walked over, Ye Xiaoxing hurriedly stood up and rushed over, pulling Lu Man and walking outwards.

What did you say to Manager Wu Just as she walked out of the office, Ye Xiaoxing asked nervously.

Why do you care so much I\'m reporting my work to Manager Wu, do I need to tell you and check with you first Lu Man shrugged away Ye Xiaoxing\'s hand.

Is it that you told on me to Manager Wu Ye Xiaoxing stared at Lu Man as if she wanted to stare a hole into her.

Lu Man chuckled.

If you did not do it, then, why are you so nervous No matter who spread the rumors, as long as you weren\'t the one, you don\'t need to worry, isn\'t it

Lu Man narrowed her eyes, stepping forward with a cold laugh.

Feeling guilty, Ye Xiaoxing kept stepping back until she backed into the wall behind her.

Or could it be, it really was you who spread it Lu Man questioned sternly.

Of course not! Ye Xiaoxing\'s voice became sharper and her facial expression changed.

She nervously looked left and right and only upon confirming that no one was around, did she slightly let out a breath of relief, and then spoke in a low voice, If you don\'t have evidence, don\'t spout nonsense! Is it that you spoke random things to Manager Wu!

If there is no evidence, why would I say anything Lu Man looked at her mockingly, If it\'s not you who did it, no one can do anything to you.

Why are you so worried

Lu Man sneered and turned around to enter the office.

Ye Xiaoxing\'s hands were curled into fists, her palm full of cold sweat, and now even a chill was spreading from her heart to her limbs.

After a long while, Ye Xiaoxing finally returned to the office.

But just now, her loud voice had been heard by the people in the office.

That kind of sentence, who could not understand

From the beginning, Ye Xiaoxing always had some strange animosity and jealousy towards Lu Man, and Sister Li did not really understand, was Ye Xiaoxing too bored and looking for trouble

She always seemed to have something against Lu Man.

Maybe since Lu Man was more talented and outstanding than her Ye Xiaoxing was jealous of her.

But there were so many people who were more outstanding than Ye Xiaoxing, could she really be jealous of all of them

Why was she always watching Lu Man

Was it because Ye Xiaoxing liked Manager Wu But Lu Man did not have anything going on with Manager Wu, so why was Ye Xiaoxing worked up

It was because of Ye Xiaoxing being full of animosity all that time, that upon hearing what Ye Xiaoxing yelled just now, everyone could already guess that the rumors spreading in the morning were definitely started by Ye Xiaoxing.

Yet, Ye Xiaoxing was so anxious right now that she could not bother about the gazes of her colleagues now and quietly returned to her seat.

She was so despondent that her heart was not calming down at all.

Clasping her cold and sweaty hands, she was waiting for the verdict and hoping that Lu Man did not have any evidence on her and hence did not find Wu Lize to tell on her.


Meanwhile, Wu Lize\'s face was dark as he went to the top floor since he could not make the decisions regarding Ye Xiaoxing and needed to check with Han Zhuoli.

If it was an ordinary minor mistake, he could make the decision.

But Ye Xiaoxing had blown this whole incident up too much, and the whole company was full of gossips and whispers, even Du Xiangdong was shocked into action.

Du Xiangdong had already said his piece and had personally asked about this thing.

If Du Xiangdong was just casually saying things, it would be ok, but if he were serious, sooner or later, Ye Xiaoxing would be exposed.

If Ye Xiaoxing wrong-doings were exposed out in the open, then the PR department would be implicated as well, especially him as the manager and it would be even worse for him.

This Ye Xiaoxing, she really knew how to find trouble!

Although competition in other departments was quite bad, there was no one like Ye Xiaoxing who was so embarrassing!

Assistant Zheng, Wu Lize walked over.


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