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Chapter 2056: Instigate

“But whether he has a social gathering to attend, I dont know.

The CEOs schedule is all arranged by Assistant Jiang.”

“Assistant Jiang” Lu Qi said.

“So its the one who always looks as if someone bullied her.

Whats her first name again Jiang…”

The female employee reminded her, “Jiang Yujie.”

“Oh, right, thats her.

What Does my dad think quite highly of her now” Lu Qi asked.

“We are all just performing our duties, its not that we are being highly thought of,” the female employee said carefully.

Lu Qi scoffed and did not ask her anything more.

Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi left and returned to the car.

Xia Qingyang asked, “Why did you specifically ask about that Assistant Jiang just now”

“I just think shes quite irritating and especially fake.” Thinking of Jiang Yujie, Lu Qi felt so disgusted that she twisted her mouth.

Xia Qingyang reacted very quickly.

“Dont tell me your dad is with that vixen right now!”

Lu Qi lowered her eyelids and thought for a moment before she said, “Mom, do you think Dad might have gone to look for Xia Qingwei”

Xia Qingyang was stunned for a moment.

She seemed not to have heard this name for quite some time.

When she suddenly heard it today, she did not react immediately.

“Xia Qingwei” Xia Qingyang repeated.

“Why would your dad look for her She wont have eyes for your dad now.

She has Wang Juhuai with her.

Didnt they say that she had just given birth to a son for Wang Juhuai

“Hah, this elder sister of mine, she has been pretty impressive since she was young.

She was able to seduce Wang Juhuai at a young age to the point where he couldnt even forget her after decades.

She is already old and sallow-faced now, yet she could still make Wang Juhuai marry her willingly.” Xia Qingyang scoffed and said, “I lost, after all.

I fought for my whole life, pretended for my whole life, and I couldnt even keep one mans heart.

But Xia Qingwei She was probably not even by Wang Juhuais side all these decades, yet she could make him yearn for her longingly.

“Xia Qingwei is really something.

She is already so old, yet she still gave it a shot and gave birth to a son.

With a son by her side, Wang Juhuais family members also cant say much,” Xia Qingyang said.

“Xia Qingwei is really ruthless, and shes ruthless to herself as well.

To tie Wang Juhuai down, she was even willing to risk her life.”

Thinking about it, being pregnant at such an old age was really not easy.

Every day would be a struggle.

But the most difficult part was that Xia Qingwei could actually get pregnant at this age.

The Heavens favored Xia Qingwei way too much.

She always got her way.

Whatever Xia Qingwei wanted, she was able to get it.

Lu Qi did not know about all these thoughts going on in Xia Qingyangs mind.

She lowered her eyes, rolling them around as she pondered, then said, “Mom, you already said it.

Xia Qingwei could capture Wang Juhuais heart even when she was not by his side, and she made him pine for this first love of his for over twenty years.

With her skills, do you think Dad can forget about her after divorcing her

“I always felt that, all these years, even though Dad did not say it, there was not a moment when he forgot about her,” Lu Qi said.

“Especially all these years when you slowly stopped pretending, didnt you notice When he saw your true personality, Dad became more and more annoyed with you.

“You may feel that you are tired after pretending for decades already.

You think that your status as Mrs.

Lu is safe and that it doesnt matter whether he still likes you or doesnt anymore, so you cant be bothered to pretend and cant be bothered to be considerate to him and flatter him.” Lu Qi scoffed.

“But Dad is a person who is extremely conceited.

He just likes it when the people around him fawn on him, and he likes it when his wife and daughter worship him.

“No matter what age he is, he has always been like that.

You cant satisfy his male chauvinist vanity now.”

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