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Chapter 2058: Scheme

Lu Qi pouted her lips and said, “Mom, today is Xia Qingweis sons 100-day baby shower.

Do you think Dad went over”

“Could Wang Juhuai possibly invite him” Xia Qingyang pursed her lips.

“Even if he went there on his own, they wont let him in.”

“Thats true, but that wouldnt stop his thick skin from going there to try to express his regrets and how he is pining for Xia Qingwei.

Isnt the chance today an even better one for him to do so And he can also put Wang Juhuai off.

If this created a rift of suspicion between Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei, that would be the best outcome,” Lu Qi analyzed.

“And Wang Juhuai had been taking precautions against Dad harassing Xia Qingwei, so no matter whether Xia Qingwei went to work or if she was at home, she actually always has someone around her to protect her, so theres no chance for him to get close at all.”

Dont ask her how she knew.


Her career had suffered a devastating blow.

Whether it was the Lu family or the He family, neither was able to help her.

She could no longer get close to Lu Man.

She could not get close to Han Zhuoli either.

So shed had no other choice but to approach Xia Qingwei.

It was just perfect that Xia Qingwei and Wang Juhuai were together, so Wang Juhuai could help her too.

No matter what, she was Xia Qingweis niece, and Xia Qingwei could easily become soft-hearted.

As long as she made herself sound ever so pitiful, Xia Qingwei would not disregard her at all.

The feud of the generation before her did not have anything to do with her.

So, shed tried to think of a way to get close to Xia Qingwei.

But in the end, before she even knew where Xia Qingwei was, she had already been stopped by someone.

She then learned that Wang Juhuai had long arranged for people to shadow Xia Qingwei.

As long as its anyone from the Lu family, none of them could dream of getting close.

Lu Man

Lu Man was no longer a part of the Lu family since a long time ago.

Speaking of that, Lu Man was really quite smart.

Shed established good relations with Wang Juhuai long ago.

And shed even encouraged Xia Qingwei to get together with him.

To pave the way for her own career.

Even without Han Zhuolis help, with Wang Juhuai alone, it would be enough for her to develop her career in the entertainment industry smoothly.

Back then, before Lu Man and Han Zhuoli publicly announced their relationship, did Lu Man not rely on Wang Juhuais fame to defeat all obstacles in her way

Xia Qingyang kept saying that Lu Man was stupid.

But in fact, she was as astute as ever!

As Lu Qi thought of that, she continued to say, “If Dad wants to see Xia Qingwei, he can only rely on this one chance today.

He could also sow discord in Xia Qingwei and Wang Juhuais relationship.”

A flicker of light flashed across Xia Qingyangs eyes.

Somewhat convinced by Lu Qi but still a little hesitant, she said, “What if your dad didnt go there”

Lu Qi scoffed.

“You wont be on the losing end either way.”

Xia Qingyang did not respond for a moment.

In the past, Xia Qingyang was also full of wicked ideas, or else she could not have managed to snatch Lu Qiyuan and become the mistress.

But she was old now, and her mind did not work as fast as it used to.

“What do you mean” Xia Qingyang asked.

Lu Qi kept her patience and explained, “Even if Dad didnt go and you went to let Wang Juhuai know that Dad still has feelings for Xia Qingwei, no matter how Xia Qingwei thinks of Dad now, just hearing that Dad cant get over her and still has feelings for her, no man can accept this!

“His own wife is being yearned for by another man.

For a short while, he might still believe that his wife is unmoved by this.

But over time, when things like that keep happening, he might not suspect that his wife is moved, but being pestered like that all the time will also be quite frustrating.” Lu Qi scoffed.

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