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Chapter 2064: You Looked for the Wrong Person

Right after that, she heard Xia Qingyang say, “I know, you might not have any feelings for Lu Qiyuan.

You hate him to the core, let alone have any feelings for him.

But to take revenge on me, you can resort to do anything!”

“But Im not you.” Xia Qingwei was really disgusted to the core.

“Anyway, given your familys current circumstances, do I even need to do anything to take revenge”

Xia Qingwei laughed mockingly.

“All thats left is an empty shell.

Why would anyone else need to do anything”

Xia Qingyang was shocked.

Her heart started thumping, feeling a little anxious.

Did Xia Qingwei know something

She really did wrong Xia Qingwei now.

The Lu family was a far cry from how it was in the past.

Anyone who paid scant attention would know that.

There was no need to dig deeper for any inside information.

Xia Qingwei was simply referring to this as well.

It was Xia Qingyang who had a guilty conscience; that was why she thought of that.

But if Xia Qingweis words were really interpreted in the manner that Xia Qingyang thought of, it was plausible too.

At this moment, the CEO of Sheng Yue had already arrived with the security officers.

Da Xiong had also blended in with the security officers.

Han Zhuoli threw a look at the CEO, and the CEO sent out some of the security officers to secure the area and prevent anyone from coming through.

No one was to walk past the corridor where the small ballroom was at.

In this way, no matter how ugly the scene turned out, no one would know.

And the only means for the news to spread would ony be through Da Xiong.

Yet, Da Xiong was someone Lu Man had called over.

As long as there was news, Da Xiong did not care how it was written.

However Lu Man let him write it, he would write it accordingly.

Anyway, he was the only one present.

No matter how he wrote it, it would be an exclusive news.

The other reporters outside could only wait anxiously.

Thinking about it, Da Xiong felt really happy.

Things were easy to do with someone in the know!

When the CEO had everything arranged, only two security officers remained at the scene, who could take Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi away at any moment.

At this moment, Han Zhuoli said, “You came just because you suspect that Lu Qiyuan is having an affair.

But its unreasonable for you to come here.”

“Hmph! How is it unreasonable” In front of Han Zhuoli, Xia Qingyang did not dare to be so forceful and just stubbornly retorted like this.

Han Zhuoli did not look angry as he said, “Because you looked for the wrong person.”

“Hah!” Xia Qingyang laughed scornfully.

“Whatever you say, you just want to find excuses for Xia Qingwei, isnt that it Let me tell you, thats not going to work!

“I just want to let everyone see Xia Qingweis true colors today! Let you all know that Xia Qingwei is not a good person at all!” Xia Qingyang shouted loudly.

A pity, Han Zhuoli had long prepared for this, so no matter how loud Xia Qingyang was, word would not go out.

“My mother-in-law doesnt need anyone to find excuses for her, because from start to end, this has nothing to do with her,” Han Zhuoli said.

“You came just because you want to use this chance to sully my mother-in-laws reputation.

“Your plan is very simple.

If Lu Qiyuan had come, it would be just as you guessed.

But if he didnt come, then you can still smear her and ruin my familys impression of my mother-in-law.

Whether you have evidence or not, as long as you can plant a seed of doubt in our hearts, you will have achieved your motive,” Han Zhuoli said plainly.

Lu Qi thought that her scheme was flawless.

But she did not expect that her little schemes had already been exposed the moment Xia Qingyang pushed the door open.

Lu Qi had her smarts, but those smarts became stupidity when put in front of Han Zhuoli and these people.

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