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Chapter 2066: Dont Dirty Our Place

How could a weak lady like her pull them away

Even if she went over, she would not be of any help.

Instead, she might even ruin her own image.

Lu Qi lowered her lids and thought about it before she said, “Young Master Han, please just tell us.

If you tell us, we will leave immediately.

And I promise, we wont come and find trouble again anymore.”

Han Zhuoli raised his eyebrow, as if he heard a joke.

“You made it sound as if we are scared of you coming to find trouble.

Tell me, how else can you both come and find trouble

“You dare to provoke us You completely dont want to stay on in the entertainment industry anymore Or do you think you have something you can threaten us with Like the smear attempt today” Han Zhuoli said sarcastically as he tapped his fingers.

Today, if he purposely did not let people stop them, this mother and daughter pair would not even have come close to entering this place.

Why did he not stop them


If he stopped them, where would they go to learn of Lu Qiyuans affair

“I already gave you the hints.” Han Zhuoli chuckled and said, “Today, you guys came here to cause trouble and ruin my younger brother-in-laws 100-day banquet.

I didnt settle scores with you and even gave you both hints.

This shows that I have a good temper, and I have really done what I can out of goodwill.

“If you want to intrude further, then I wont be so good-tempered anymore.” Han Zhuolis face hardened as he said, “Quick, take them away! Dont let them stay here and dirty our place.

What an eyesore.”

This time, perhaps because of Han Zhuolis words, Xia Qingyang did not behave shrewishly anymore.

But the two security officers did not treat Xia Qingyang more politely just because she cooperated, perhaps because of Han Zhuolis instructions.

On the contrary, the manner in which they dragged her away made it seem as if she was still behaving shrewishly.

They even pushed Xia Qingyang to the floor and dragged her away like that.

“Let me stand up!” Xia Qingyang shouted.

But the security officer did not care at all, and he even forcefully pressed her down in a sitting position to drag her away.

The motive was very simple, to make her look bad.

Xia Qingyang tried her best to push herself up with her legs, but to no avail.

Da Xiong saw the look from Lu Man and immediately started to take photos.

He also told his subordinate to take videos.

The positions where Han Zhuoli and the others all stood were very interesting.

No matter how the video was shot or from which point the photos were taken, Han Zhuoli and the rest were not visible in the photos.

Of course, the subordinate also received Da Xiongs instructions not to show Han Zhuoli and the rest in the video.

Just record Xia Qingyang and Lu Qi.

Xia Qingyang had simply been dragged out, and Lu Qi could only follow from behind

Seeing that this was way too absurd, and too embarrassing, she then questioned the CEO, “Is this how the service at Sheng Yue is like How can you treat your customers like this! Im going to expose you!”

“You guys came here to make a scene and disrupt our customers peaceful meal.

When we spoke nicely, you both refused to listen.

To protect the order in the hotel, we have no choice but to do this.

If you want to complain, you can go ahead and make a complaint,” the CEO said.

“I am protecting the internal order within the hotel.

If I receive punishment, then I will accept it gladly.”

Of course, the CEO did not believe that Lu Qi would dare expose this.

If it was really exposed, she would be the one being embarrassed.

Lu Qi turned to glance at Han Zhuoli and the others.

She actually wanted to seize the chance to plead for mercy, and if it was possible to seduce one of them, then that would be even better.

But when she saw the expressions on Han Zhuoli and the others faces, as well as the looks on the Han Familys faces, Lu Qi shuddered and immediately abandoned that thought.

She lowered her head and took out a mask from her bag.

She did not want to be recognized by anyone at such an embarrassing moment.

When the two of them left, peace and quiet returned to this place.

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